4 Weeks to an Organized Home: Week 3 – Closet Mania!

organize the closetFear not my friends, closets are easier than you think to organize. They have something going for them that you might not have thought of: they don’t have to be pretty. When you are organizing any other area of the home, you have to consider aesthetics, but with the closet, not so much. This allows you to search high and low for unused storage space and to make use of inexpensive storage items (plastic). Read more

4 Weeks to an Organized Home: Week 2 – The Office

Week 2 - The OfficeMake your office work for YOU. Another major source of headaches in the home, the office can be a place of calm function, but more often than not, it is the center of the perfect storm of the entire house. It’s important to remember that 90% of what is bothering you is the actual desk TOP, because, well, it looks messy! If you can keep that desktop free of clutter, you are well on your way to making peace with your office space.

    Now, a list of what really works in the office:

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January – Get Organized Month

Get Organized in 4 WeeksI suspect that even before January was officially named “Get Organized Month”, it already was the de facto month of choice for organizing, simply due to the fact that it is the New Year with resolutions of organization topping many a person’s list. But in celebration of the official Get Organized Month, we are offering a 4 week plan to an organized home. Mind you, this is not a cleaning list, but an organizing guide. Read more

DIY Cedar Closet… A Saturday Project

cedar closet DIY projectHappy New Year! In true clutter-control-freak style, I spent the weekend before the New Year cleaning out my bedroom closet. And at the same time, I decided to install cedar planks because I’ve always wanted a cedar closet. Nothing drives me crazy faster than pulling out a quality dress or sweater that I’ve “invested in” and finding moth holes in it, and cedar helps immensely with that as a natural insect-repellent. Installing a cedar closet is easier than you think.

It is a great beginner’s 1-day DIY project. Read more

The Piles Stop Here!

piles!Say it with me, no more piles! I get so burned out on those crazy piles of bills, letters, junk mail, kids school signup sheets, magazines and, well, you know the rest. Where do these papers pile up in your home? For me, somehow it is always on the kitchen counter, which drives me bananas.

There are many ways to deal with this issue, yet it always seems to come back to one simple home storage tool: the mail organizer. And there are so many out there to choose from. Where to start? First, figure out where you need it most. Read more

The Land of No Dishwashers – Part One

Bamboo Dish DrainerAs a life-long renter, I have lived in A LOT of different apartments, in law units, lofts, duplexes, houses, you name it. I have also lived in many cities up and down the west coast, and even in Nevada. My most recent move was to Los Angeles about two years ago. Before I go any further, I want to assure you that my intent here is not to complain about LA or the people who live here – I’m just sharing some observations. Read more

Summer Clothes Storage – It’s That Time of Year

Fall and summer clothes storageI don’t know about you, but I am so glad that this record-hot summer is has finally winded to a close. Okay, sure the weather is nice and the living’s easy – but honestly, is the weather really that nice? And is the living really that easy? With 100 degree temperatures and kids all over the house, it is nice to see a return to moderate climates and kid’s with backpacks lining up for the bus.

Well now we can finally “chill-out” because summer has ended, the kids are back at school, the MLB pennant race is heating up and our favorite football teams are back in action. And I do mean “chill out” quite literally – better get used to brisk evenings and chilly mornings! It’s time to ditch those board-shorts, maxi-dresses and tank-tops and get ready to stay warm. Read more

Fifty Ways To Leave Your Clutter: Part Three

Fifty Ways To Leave Your Clutter: Part ThreeHere are Part One or Part Two, in case you missed them.

~~ Just Give It Away, Ray ~~
Here you won’t get a tax deduction, but you’ll have the satisfaction of helping someone and expecting nothing in return. Plus good things will come back to you. Here’s a poem quoted by Joe Vitale in The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History:
A man there was, and they called him mad, The more he gave, the more he had. Read more