Tuesday Tip: 10 Household Uses For Lemon!

lemonIn my quest to find natural solutions to all my everyday cleaning chores, I stumbled upon this list. I never realized something so inexpensive and readily available could do so much – and best of all, with no chemicals!

1. Sanitize your wooded cutting boards. Run a slice of lemon over the surface to disinfect.
2. Keep foods from browning from air exposure. Mix equal parts lemon juice and water and dunk apple or pear slices before serving, or squeeze a bit into guacamole and give it a stir. Read more

Downsizing: 2 Reasons to Downsize

downsizingWhen I’m asked where to begin downsizing, I’m tempted to say “At the beginning, of course.” But that’s not always the right answer. For each of us, the beginning is different.

Why are you downsizing? Is it because you’ve realized your living space is being taken over with “stuff” and you want to liberate that space? Or are you moving to a smaller home?

Let’s begin with the first option. You’re being squeezed out of your home by the accumulation of things you used to love but don’t any more. This is fairly simple. Read more

Favorite Cleaning Tools of 2012

wooden step stoolCall me crazy, but I do love to clean house. But only some areas. For example, I really don’t like to clean the dishes or the kitchen in general, but odd jobs like dusting or cleaning the bathrooms are very gratifying jobs in my opinion. So I thought to kick off the new year, I’d share some of my favorite cleaning tools, products and must-have accessories that are guaranteed to make life easier when it comes to chores. Read more

Moms Need Desks, Too!

computer desksI don’t know why, but it surprises me every time.

I get a call from a prospective client—usually a woman with a few children, telling me her papers are all over the place. I go to her home for a Needs Assessment and she shows me piles of papers on the counter, on the dining room table, in bins under her bed. I ask her one simple question: “Where is your desk?” The answer I get more often than not is, “I don’t have one.”

I have seen a home with two play areas for the kids but no area for Mom. I have been to a home with a home office for Dad but no space for Mom. I have been shown Dad’s fancy home office and then shown Mom’s counter space in the kitchen that she shares with the mail and a stack of recipes. Read more

The New Year

flowerI'd like to start my New Year with Clutter Control Freak fresh with ideas from YOU! What are your biggest organizing challenges? What are your favorite organizing tools? What would you like to read about on Clutter Control Freak Blog? Let me know in a comment.

Holiday Planning Overlooked

coffee cup storage chestWhen it’s time for holiday planning, we tend to think only about preparation. Planning menus, sending parting invitations, shopping for gifts, and digging out the decorations. I find myself so overworked getting ready for holiday gatherings, I forget about the aftermath. Particularly when it comes to my extra dishes. I’ve never had a proper way of storing them, so they tend to just get thrown in a box that gets stacked with other boxes in the garage.

Bad planning like this leads inevitably to the catastrophe I encountered last week. Read more

Spice Up Your Holiday Table

DinnerwareMixing up dinnerware is a great and easy way to create an interesting table top. Try using dinner plates from one set of china paired with salad bowls from another to create layers of pattern or color. Have a set of basic white dishes? Switch out a few pieces with dinnerware in a bold pattern and instantly create a one of a kind look!

From fine china that has been passed down through the family for years to a flea market find with a fun pattern to brand new plates with a modern shape, by pulling different elements onto your table top you can create a look that suits your style. Read more

How To Leave Work Earlier

outlookI have recently moved my office into my home. I'm actually enjoying the integration of "home" and "work" life. It's not the distraction that I thought it would be. As a matter of fact, my biggest problem is working too long and late into the evening.

Today I received an email from Marcia Francois – to my rescue again!

Try these suggestions for organizing your day and not over-working yourself: Read more

A Legacy of "Stuff" (Part 4)

rusty screwsIn the previous 3 blog posts (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3), I wrote about what to do with the stuff of loved ones who have passed away, and how important it is to communicate with your friends and family about the stuff that YOU might leave behind.

So the questions to start with is: what you are leaving behind and why the heck are you hanging on to that? Read more

Start Your School Year Off Right!

White Dry Erase Monthly CalendarMany of you who read this blog have children or teens going back to school this time of year. Now is the perfect time to put together a Family Command Center.

Some time back, I gave some helpful Tips for a Family Command Center. Stacks and Stacks has a new product that is a great first step in creating your own command center.

It's the  White Dry Erase Monthly Calendar – by Brewster Home Fashions. This is truly a gem! Read more

A Legacy of "Stuff" (Part 3)

bowlIn A Legacy of "Stuff" (part 1) and A Legacy of "Stuff" (part 2), we discussed what to do with the "stuff" left behind by someone who passed away. It was hard to write and hard for you to read. Now let's move into an even MORE difficult area — the stuff that WE will leave behind. (By the way, I can't find any material already written on this subject. Apparently, everyone else also thinks it's hard to write about.)If you plan to leave something to the next generation or to your friends, do some very good communicating with them now to see if they would want it. If not, realize that your cherished items might be more burden than bounty to people you love. Most of all, let them know what is important or valuable, so they don’t decide everything you own is clutter, and toss it out. Read more

A Legacy of "Stuff" (Part 2)

A Legacy of This week we continue with the difficult subject of being overwhelmed with the "stuff" left behind by a loved one who has passed away.

(You can read Part 1 here.)

The struggle is that we are trying to find practical ways to survive having someone's lifetime-of-stuff joining our own lifetime-of-stuff, while also trying to survive all the emotions that come with this deep painful loss.

Based on the huge number of emails I received after Part 1, last weeks post resonated with many of you. One woman told the story of how for seven years, all of her parents' belongings were stacked to the ceiling in her basement – furniture, clothes, stuff. So much so that they could not even make a path through it all. Read more

Give Dad a Relaxing Gift This Father's Day

Vintage Bonded Leather Recliner with OttomanWondering what to get Dad this Father's Day?

Try the Vintage Bonded Leather Recliner with Ottoman!

Stacks and Stacks is running a $100 OFF special on this fabulous chair through Father's Day!

Dad can kick back and relax on this Euro style motion chair, designed with his ultimate comfort in mind. This is a stylish and comfy reclining chair that features a 360 degree pinion swivel with multiple reclining position adjustment. And it comes with an angled ottoman for lower leg support! Read more

The Shame Trap: Don't Get Caught

shameI spoke with a woman recently who was had reached her breaking point. She had misplaced her mailbox key in her cluttered apartment. When her mailbox was full the post office simply stopped delivering her mail. Cards went un-received and bills went unpaid. This was the tipping point to a downward spiral of shame.

All of us have special talents and giftings in our lives. Some people are naturally blessed with the gift of organization. Most of us, however, are not. This isn’t something to be ashamed of. Read more

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

cashmere-scarfWhat better way to make mom feel special? A personalized gift is a classy way to go! From apparel to serveware, we’ve got something for every mom out there.

Note: Because these items are personalized, you will want to order a few weeks in advance (Mother’s Day is May 8, 2011). And, you will get bonus points from Mom for thinking ahead.

For the Spa-Lover: Personalized Comfort Robe. Ultra soft cotton velour, available with single letter or monogram. Read more

Speaking Spring

Happy Easter Coir MatSpringtime is finally here! Although it’s technically been spring for a few weeks, the weather didn’t seem to think so. But finally things are warming up, we are getting out into the garden and enjoying this beautiful season and all it has to offer. Inside the home, too, we are changing with the seasons – I call this “Spring-izing” the home.

Here are some wonderful ideas and treats to welcome this new season into your home.

With springtime, my mind naturally drifts to textures and colors. Read more

Spring Cleaning Tips From Rita Emmett

declutterHappy Spring (cleaning) time!! Are you ready to start your clutter-busting journey but don't know how to begin?

When I first started, I knew I didn't have the discipline or organizational skills to get rid of my stuff, so I asked my clutter-free friends for help. (You don't want to ask your totally cluttered friends for help because they will just tell you to keep everything, right?) Different friends helped in different ways. Read more

Get Organized for Tax Season in 5 Easy Steps

tax filingIn the words of Dave Barry, "It's income tax time again, Americans: time to gather up those receipts, get out those tax forms, sharpen up that pencil, and stab yourself in the aorta."

Filing taxes = huge pain. We all know it. We all go through it once a year. And while there's no way around tax season, there is a way to make the process less stressful.

P.R.E.P.A.R.A.T.I.O.N. Read more

Web Accessibility For All – We've Got It!

web accessibilityStacks and Stacks is doing something new to reach out to seniors and the disabled!

We have a new icon on our website that offers a link to a web accessibility tool for seniors and the disabled! The tool is absolutely free to download and free to use, and can help people with impairments navigate the internet and our website. Read more