Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Lemon JuicersWas one of your New Years resolutions to give your diet a healthy overhaul? Stay on track by replacing your usual meals with healthier versions or supplementing your diet with vitamin-rich snacks. Use these fun and functional kitchen gadgets to help you get started.

Whether you need to make exact measurements for baking or are looking to create healthy portions at dinnertime, a food scale can be a great way to keep things in check. This scale comes with an easy to use function that will subtract the weight of the container for an accurate count every time. Read more

Basket Case

Don’t get me wrong, I love baskets, but for some storage jobs, they simply don’t fit right. Plus, sometimes a girl just wants a more updated look than a traditional woven basket can provide. Fabric storage bins provide the perfect alternative to baskets around the home. Fabric baskets have a more rectangular, streamlined design and therefore are just a tad bit more space-efficient.

Versailles Fabric Storage Bins
Also more fun with an array of patterns to choose from! Read more

Score 3 For Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron PotMy mother cooks everything in cast iron. From pancakes in bare skillets to sauces in enamel coated dutch ovens, she’s got cast-iron cooking down pat. I have just one piece of iron cookware, a traditional black large skillet. They are heavy and a bit fussy to clean, but boy do they make a great deep dish pizza, among other things! So 3 cheers for cast iron cookware! And, an article from healthy eating about the benefits of cast iron to further prove my point!

Weekender Tips for DIY Fix-Its

sinkThere is nothing as satisfying as fixing something in your home (or apartment) without having to call a professional and open up your wallet. I cleaned all of my bathroom sink traps last weekend. It took an hour to do three sinks. It is a very unpleasant job but it is oh-so-nice to have those drains working again! My clogs turned out to be not in the trap but rather above them in the sink. Removing the traps allowed me to shove a very long screwdriver up there to remove hair and what is best described as black sludge. Here is a great article from This Old House with a list of 47 things you can do yourself. So get on it, Weekenders!

Organizing Your New Year’s Resolutions

Organized ResolutionsHappy New Year everyone! I sincerely hope that everyone is feeling happy and rested from the holidays, and optimistic about the new year which has finally arrived. I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions. I watched a lot of people make them and give up so quickly, it made me wonder why I would even bother. But this year is different! It can’t hurt to set some goals this year, and whether or not I follow through with them is entirely up to me. Read more