Freeze Your Assets

organized freezerI found this over at Your Life. Organized. by Monica Ricci – Enjoy!

Four wild salmon fillets. Check.
Two containers of homemade cannelloni. Check.
Six blocks of Feta. Check.

Your freezer is a huge part of managing mealtimes, and it can save you a ton of money. But ONLY if you actually eat what you freeze! Too many well-intentioned shoppers go to the trouble to clip coupons, buy in bulk or chase sales around town, only to freeze food that they never eat. As they say in the comic books, ARGGHH! What a horrible waste of time, money and effort! Read more

Clutter-Free Holiday Countdown

Christmas CountdownIt’s hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner! And I don’t know about you, but I find it’s tough to pull of a stress-free holiday season without a lot of planning. Thankfully, I found this post over at Simple Organized Living!

Here’s part of the post:

We’re official counting down to Christmas here at Simple Organized Living…yay!

And since this site is about ALL things “simple” and “organized” I’ve come up with 100 clutter-free holiday planning tips, tools, ideas, and resources to share with you over the next 100 days. Read more

Top 10 Tips For Emergency Preparedness on a Budget

Scouts-emergency-badgeAs some of you already know, September is emergency preparedness month. As I was doing some research on the topic, I came across a great website with some fantastic info on this very subject: Here is a portion of one of their emergency preparedness posts:

Top 10 Tips For Emergency Preparedness on a Budget:

This list was put out by but we have included our own links and comments in italics along with it.

1 – Plan for specific disasters: Read more

Organizing a Spouse: It Can Be Done!

hippo-cookie-jarPlease help me extend a warm welcome to a new contributor to the CCF blog, Kim Henson! Find out more about Kim and her work on our “bio” page. Thanks, Kim, for this wonderful contribution!

In from work every afternoon, my husband piled his jacket and hat on the wooden coat rack inside our living room door. He would drop his keys and mail on the dining room table. And then drape his work shirt over the back of one of the chairs. Into the next room, he dumped his change in a coffee mug he pulled out of the kitchen cabinet.

Some rusty nut, bolt or an old key, would end up in my favorite ceramic bowl on the island in our kitchen. Also lying here and there were nail clippers, his pocketknife, cell phones (he has two) and at least one pair of shoes. Read more

Couponing for Real People

coupon-organizerI know of a few “extreme couponers” who can buy $100 worth of groceries for $15. It’s fantastic! But the work they put into it seems like a full time job! Do you love the idea of couponing, but not the effort?

I came across a very helpful post over at on couponing for people who hate couponing. Here’s a sampling:

WARNING: If you know what a Catalina deal is and/or have actually employed one, this may not be the post for you. If you occasionally slice your pinky open while using adult scissors, this is definitely the post for you. Read more

Dump Electronic Clutter

computer-clutterIt’s easy to limit our thinking to our physical surroundings we we ponder our “clutter”.

But what about the electronic clutter?

We are relying more and more these days on our electronic “friends” to keep us organized; computers, cell phones, pda’s. But how well can they keep us organized if we don’t keep them organized?!

My friend, Marcia, over at Organising Queen has written a wonderful post on just this! Check it out here!

Thanks Marcia!

Small Space Organizing: Converting A Closet

office-closetI currently live in a newer house, and it most definitely has its benefits. But I do miss my days of living in an older, arts and crafts period home with all of its lovely woodwork and creative built-ins.

One wall in our living room had built-in bookcases straddling a closet with French glass doors lined with lace curtains which we used as a beautiful hide-away for our entertainment center.

HGTV has a great article on remaking your closet space into something else altogether, and some of their ideas are reminiscent of the arts and crafts style. Read more

10 Things to Unleash Your Inner Neat Freak

get organizedHere’s another great post from the gals over at, Sarah Welch & Alicia Rockmore – enjoy!

Getting organized was one of the top three New Year’s resolutions in 2009 for the majority of people. If you were one of the people hankering to get a little bit more buttoned up this year, but haven’t quite gotten off the mark, what’s holding you back? Are you overwhelmed and wondering where to start? Are you too busy? No matter the excuse, we’ve put together a list of ten simple things you can do today, this week, or this month to get you on your way to a neater, more organized life. Read more

Tips for Organizing Cosmetics and Toiletries

cosmeticsMost of us use cosmetics or toiletries of one kind or another, but far fewer of us put a lot of thought into organizing them. Keeping these items organized can shave minutes off of your morning routine.
The first step in organizing your cosmetics and toiletries is to go through and get rid of anything that’s past its prime. Below are some helpful guidelines for weeding out the old stuff.

Cosmetic shelf-life guidelines:

Unopened, sealed products usually have a shelf life of 3-5 years or more. As long as they stay sealed, they will last for years. The shelf life countdown begins when you open it. Read more

Organize Your Mind

organize your mindBy organizing your mind, you get rid of clutter that fills the brain, which causes stress and anxiety. We all have enough things in our lives that are uncontrollable that can create problems, so why not organize the things that we can control, giving us a true feeling of accomplishment and stress free living.

These 10 tips will help you to keep your mind on-track and help you organize your life.

1. Make a note.
Always carry a pocket size notebook in your purse or pocket and when you remember something that needs to be done, the very best thing to do is write it down. Check your notes daily to help make your next ‘list of things to do.’ Read more

Effective To Do Lists

to do listPlease welcome my friends Sarah Welch & Alicia Rockmore from Buttoned Up – enjoy their post!

No matter the format, what you write down gets done. According to Dave Kohl, a professor emeritus at Virginia Tech., people who regularly write down their goals earn nine times as much over their lifetimes as people who don’t. Think about that for a moment. No matter how lofty or simple your goals may be, reaching them requires a systematic approach. And that begins by writing your to do list down; don’t just think it, ink it! Read more

Taming the Paper Tiger: Humor, Filing and Adult ADD

beforeHere is a guest post from my friend, Addy Bell, over at Well-Ordered Chaos – enjoy!

This week, I tackled one of the most challenging organizational issues for anyone, let alone an adult with ADD.

I did the filing.

That’s right. I created a filing system for a couple of years worth of paperwork, and I did it all by myself. I am mighty!

The process was surprisingly emotional. Read more

Shoe Me the Love

shoetraps.jpgWhat woman doesn’t love shoes?! And, if you love your shoes, naturally, you want them to last. Part of them lasting means storing them properly…it also eliminates the clutter that occurs when shoes are strewn all over!

A proper shoe storage system makes shoes easy to organize, access and coordinate with your clothes. Here are some easy-to-follow steps to help you protect and organize your shoes with ease: Read more

Teaching Kids to be Organized

kid's hamperTeaching your children to clean up after themselves gives them pride, lifelong skills, and keeps you sane! Here are some tips for busy moms and dads on how to get your kids to keep their clothes and toys neat and tidy!

Tips For the Younger Crowd:

• Look for kid-friendly organizers (hampers with animals on them, coat racks with ABCs, etc.) A great example is the Kids Clothes Sorting Hamper – it has two sections and a corresponding picture for sorting light and dark clothes for non-readers.

• Let them pick one type of toy to put away (Legos, play kitchen, trains). Read more

Garage Organization Tip: Make Tools a Home

pegboardIf you’re anything like me (or most households, for that matter), you’re the organized half of the total household equation. This can be frustrating. Especially with older kids who don’t have to ask you for things like tape or a screwdriver anymore. They know where is all is. Sometimes better than me, these days.

My Youngest Son loves skateboards and recently received a new deck for his birthday. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is the actual board part. Which means the old board has to be disassembled and the new one put together and customized. This requires tools. All over his bed. Read more

A Weekend of Contrasts: How Organizing Can Help Your Mood

dress shoesSaturday morning, 7:15 am:

Hubby’s up. Dogs are up. That means I’m up. Waahhh. Get up. Fix coffee. Kitchen’s dirty. Dishes stacked up on the counter from last night and the stove is greasy. Yuck. Sit down on my sofa among the jackets and backpacks for a few quiet moment of coffee-savoring. Feeling crowded by the stuff.

Oldest Son calls to remind me that he needs a ride to his friend’s wedding soon, Read more

What IS a Disorganized Person to Do?

book coverI’ve been thumbing through a book called “What’s a Disorganized Person to Do?” (317 ideas, tips, projects, and lists to unclutter your home and streamline your life) by Stacey Platt. What a great book!

Its a handy-sized, go-to manual for organizing anything. It starts off with some basic principles and ideas about organizing, and then sets off room by room though the house, giving helpful tips, tricks and simple projects to organize everything! You can easily flip to the color coded section corresponding to the area of your home (or life) you’re working on and find just what you need. It even comes with two pages of project stickers in the back to help you organize what you’re working on!

Stacey’s entire premise for this book is based on “lessons from the silverware drawer”; Read more

Entryways 101

organized+enrtywayThe entryway is a frequent griping point in every home! Messes and clutter often begin in the entryway. Yet with the right tools, the entryway to the home can be your best friend, getting you out the door in a jiffy!

Pick a problem , find the answer, and reap the benefits of an organized entryway!

Problem: Shoes tripping you up much?

Solution: Shoe Receptacle. I didn’t say shoe rack because, for many families, a shoe rack simply won’t do the trick. Why? Because while you may be organized enough to use a shoe rack properly, little kids and even many adults may not be. Read more

15 Minute Project – Hanging Sewing Organizer

sewing-organizedMake your own hanging organizer on the cheap! All you need are skirt hangers (the kind with clips), a small bag or tote for accessories, and a foot or so of closet space.

1. Lay out your fabrics, fold and clip onto the hangers. Tiered hangers are even better, taking up the least amount of space by taking advantage of vertical space.

2. Find a bag or tote Read more

5 Ways to Slim-Line Your Wardrobe

organizedHere’s a guest post from my friend, Sheila Chandra, from ‘across the pond’ – enjoy!

Most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time… That sounds like a bit of a waste doesn’t it? And the reason they tend to do that, is because many people’s closets are over-stuffed and in chaos. How would it feel to open the doors on a well organised wardrobe every morning? Would it save you 5 minutes every day? Read more

5 Steps to Shoe Storage Success

vintage-shoesAre your shoes taking over your room? Do you have trouble finding the ones you’re looking for when you’re in a rush to leave the house? Do you have duplicates that you seldom wear taking up valuable real estate in your closet? By following a few simple steps, you can get your shoes organized and learn to keep them that way. It’s just one more step toward a stress-free morning routine – and who couldn’t use that? Read more

Quote for the Week: On Organization

Pooh's organized cabinet“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up.”
~ Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh, A. A. Milne

A little planning and organization makes any task easier and more manageable. And the time it take to do is always less than the time wasted in attempting the task without it.

I’ll be organizing my bathroom cabinet this weekend with one of these.

Are you planning a project this weekend?

How I Reduced My Closet 50%

closetI am a master at impulse shopping for clothes, and then wearing something only once before it sits in my closet for years. Parting with clothes has never been one of my strengths. I know it’s illogical to own something for that long without utilizing it, but I always stump myself with the question, “But… what if someday I do want to wear this?” Come on, I know I’m not the only one who does that!

I just moved into a darling new downtown apartment, with lots of old fashion charm, and very old-fashion closets. Small closets, that is. My previous 6-foot long closet was packed wall to wall, so I had to do some painful – but necessary – purging in order to fit into the new one. Read more

5 Tips On Organizing For Tax Season

tax-timeThat’s right, it’s almost tax time again. That time of year when all the folks who use the EZ forms and have a few little tax deductions running around rejoice over the inevitable refund they will recieve. But for a lot of us, it’s more complicated than that. Here is a post I came across by cjpilgrim on for organizing at tax time:

Let’s face it we all are not as organized in our life as we would like to be. Just as soon as the holidays are over, we are faced with instant dread. Tax time is upon us Read more

Cleaning up those unfinished projects

tool-boxIf you are like me, we seem to think that the good weather is going to last forever. When the weather is nice and we have the time and climate to get those outside house projects finished; it is also the time of year, that we can go out and enjoy life.

Well, I do not know about you, but I would definitely opt for a picnic rather than cleaning out the garage. Therefore, what inevitably happens is that fall is here before we know it and the outside chores and maintenance, still is not finished. Read more

6 Steps to an Organized Home Office

computer_deskThere are so many of us that have offices in our homes, whether that is for work or for home budgeting and files. It is hard to keep this area organized when there is so little room, especially if you are trying to set up an office, computer, tables etc, in a small space. However, there are some little tips that can help you make things compact, but, within reach and organized.

1. Purchase a computer desk that has cubbies for papers (printer, envelopes etc.) Make sure that your desk also has; drawer for pens, thumbtacks, paper clips, stapler and staples and misc. It is also handy to have a filing drawer for those receipt files, so they are easy to get to in a moments notice. Read more

Space Treat: How to Stay on Course

basket-of-stuffSo, you’ve finally carved out a few hours to start organizing. During the process it’s very common to find items that need to be relocated.

For example, say you’re beginning with the kitchen cabinets and in order to pull everything out and sort it you need to clear off the counters. While doing that, you find a new tube of toothpaste and a new box of band-aids lurking on the counter. They never made it to your medicine cabinet when you unpacked your grocery bags 7 days ago.

Instead of walking them to their rightful home at the moment of discovery, start a “redistribution” pile so that you can stay focused on the task at hand Read more