The Dreaded Space Behind the Door… And What to Do with it.

Just when we thought we had every available space in the house expertly utilized, the makers of the Heidi Shelf go and prove us wrong! This patented, unique shelving system by Foremost makes use of what may be the last wasted space in the home: Behind the door. As you might have already noticed, the space behind any door is tapered when the door is open, making it impossible to fit any substantial shelf back there. But the Heidi Behind the Door Shelving System solves this problem by using a tapered design itself (down to 2.5″ deep at the corner), allowing it to fit seamlessly behind a door whether it is open or closed. Available in several colors and a junior size for the kids room!

Heidi Behind the Door Shelving System in Black:
Heidi Behind the Door Shelving System Read more

Floor Mirrors with Hidden Storage…Small Space Fix!

If you live in a small space or simply need more storage in a room, a full size floor mirror (with storage built-in, that is), just might save the day! Proman has a great line of these sneaky, storage-packed mirrors and right now, all of them are on sale! The styles range from classic to transitional which covers almost any home, and each has a unique storage method to suit a variety of needs.

Simply Modern Mirror Shelf
For the entryway: The Simply Modern Mirror Shelf is well suited to the entry of the home because it has both shelves and coat hooks hidden behind the full length mirror, which is great itself for a quick glance before you head out the door in the morning. Read more

Wall Mount Desks for the Small Home Office

Evo Wall Mount DeskLet’s face it: Most of us don’t have an entire room in our home to devote just to a home office. In fact, many of us would settle for a desk tucked into the corner of the bedroom just to get a quiet workspace. If this sounds familiar to you, then a wall-mount desk just might be the right tool for your office-at-home. These handy, space efficient desks come in a variety of sizes and with varying accessories so you can choose the amount of storage that suits your needs. From the Evo Wall Mount Desk (shown) to the almost full size Designer Floating Desk, there is something for everyone.

The former features a slim, modern design that includes shelves for printers and even an iPad mount. Read more

Space Saving Solutions for Your Small Bathroom

Bathroom - Lauren Powell-Smothers via flickrGuest post by Elena Meadowcroft
Image courtesy of Lauren Powell-Smothers via flickr.

The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that tends to get cluttered no matter how hard you try to keep things organized. Many older homes don’t even have what we traditionally call a master bath – instead, you are greeted with a modest tub, toilet and vanity setup cramped into a small, often linear space. Read more

Healthy Meals in the Dorm – Back to School Solutions

Send your teen off to college with tools for healthy eating whether they are in the freshman dorms or sharing their first apartment as a sophomore.

Here are our finds for the best in Dorm Appliances this season (and how to use them):

Kalorik 3 Tier Food Steamer
The Kalorik 3 Tier Food Steamer takes healthy eating for students to a whole new level, with a rice bowl and 3 steamer baskets for cooking up fresh vegetables, fish and more. The base measures just 9.5″ x 7.5″ space-friendly, safe and fast. Read more

Small Bathroom? Help is on the Way!

Small bathrooms can be frustrating for families, roommates and even single-dwellers! Let’s face it – a spacious, carefully organized bathroom takes a good chunk of the chaos out of the so-called “morning routine”. But don’t worry if a full-scale remodel is not in the works for you; there are still many things you can do to make your bathroom work better for you and the whole family.

Here, our best tips for dealing with small bathrooms:

Towel Bar and Cabinet Organizer Combo
The cabinet door itself provides a fresh dose of storage to a cluttered bathroom. This Towel Bar and Cabinet Organizer Combo is a wonderful tool, using both sides of the cabinet door to hold a hand towel, cleaning supplies, makeup or toiletries. Read more

Over the Door Hooks – Six Different Ways

Sure, we’ve all heard of Over the Door Shoe Racks and Coat Hooks. But there’s simply more to closet storage than just that! When space is at a premium in your home, look to the backs of your doors for extra hanging and storage space. Whether it is the hall closet, bedroom or back of the bathroom door, there is an over the door organizer out there to solve almost any storage dilemma.

Here are some of the more unique forms of Over the Door Racks you will find:

Bamboo Accents Game Storage Over Door Rack
Video Game Storage on the back of the door? So smart. Anyone with kids knows how quickly video games and their related equipment can take over your life. This one is perfect for the kids’ bedroom door, pantry or wherever else they like to hang out. Read more

Toy Storage: Think Outside the Box

toy boxWhen you live in a smaller home with kids, the challenge is always how to store all of their toys, artwork, video games and other kid-like items without having primary colored boxes infringing upon your grown-up style! What mom or dad really wants to look at those red, blue and yellow plastic bins while catching up on their favorite shows at night after the kids are in bed? Yet we all know that toys in the living room are a fact of life once you have kids.

Here are some clever ways to incorporate toy storage into your decor without sacrificing your style:
1. Storage Ottomans – Choose from microfiber, faux leather and more to match your style. For maximum toy storage you will need either two cube ottomans or a long, rectangular one. Be sure to look for lids that lift off completely or safety hinges to protect little fingers. Read more

Great Gifts for Worker Bees

I’m a big fan of giving practical gifts, such as office organizers. Why not? Especially for people who are hard to shop for, people who don’t want “things”, people who have picky taste when it comes to decor or fashion. I think anyone who works in a professional environment would appreciate something new that would help keep their desk clutter under control. Rather than getting them something they don’t really need, you’re getting them something to help them with their life! So after some research, I have come up with these suggestions for desk organizer gifts:

7 Piece Black Oak Desk Set
A desk set is perfect for someone who is just starting their career. Something like this comes with everything needed to get started on the right foot.
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Instant Shelves for the Closet

hanging purse organizerNo matter how much storage space you have, it never seems like the right kind. Have lots of drawer space? Then it probably feels like you could use more room in the closet. Feel like you have plenty of room for hanging clothes but could really use more shelf space? Well when it comes to adding shelf space to the closet, hanging closet shelves are a quick and easy way to add the shelving you need.

Hanging closet shelves are usually used for storing folded pants or sweaters to help protect them from hanger marks, but they can also be used in a variety of ways to help get any closet organized. Read more

Squeeze the Most Storage out of your Bathroom

bath-organizer.jpgFeel like you’re always fighting for more bathroom storage? Even when it seems impossible to add organizational space there’s always a way to gain more, from wall mounted shelving to cabinets set on casters. Get creative and make the most of unused floor or wall space to gain the organizational space you need with the right bath organizers.

While built in bathroom cabinets are the norm, freestanding cabinets actually offer a lot of flexibility, making them a great bathroom storage option. Since they aren’t built in you can easily change them out depending on your storage needs. Read more

Not Your Dad’s Recliner!

Remember those bulky recliners the size of bears? Luckily you don’t have to take up your whole living room with an oversized chair anymore if you don’t have the space or are looking for a more streamlined look. I love these new Euro chic recliners. You can find them in all price points, too. Here, some of my favorites:

Microfiber Recliner with Ottoman
I’m obsessed with this mocha color, almost a champagne tone to it.
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Storage Furniture 101

Modern Breakfast Bar with StoolsIf there is one thing I know about, it’s living in a shoebox and making the space more functional. I have been living in apartments and small homes for my entire adult life and troubleshooting space issues has become a passion of mine. Partially out of necessity in my own life and partially to help others. In today’s world of “everything must be oversized” it is easy to forget that we can make a small home not only work, but feel more spacious than it is. It has to do with furniture arrangement, the size of the pieces we own, being minimalistic, and most importantly having furniture that serves several purposes. Read more