We're Ready for Fall… Are You?

Fall ColorsStacks and Stacks is ready for fall living, with great guides and ideas for everything from decorating with fall-colors to winterizing the home, or simply getting cozy.

Here's What We Love About Fall:

Cider – Whether you make it yourself or buy it from the store, nothing says autumn like a nice hot mug of cider with a cinnamon stick stirrer, (and the occasional splash of brandy for the grownups.) Read more

In the Mood for Fall Decor?

It is fall, not January, that marks the beginning of a new year for many of us. Often it is this time of year that we are inspired to do something new in our homes, whether it be to start an organizing project we have been putting off or simply freshen up our decor.

Here are five beautiful fall-inspired home accents to give any room an updated look:

Trio Collection Rug
The Trio Collection Rug is a crowd favorite collection, thanks its affordable and high quality attitude. The >Full Leaf Design Trio Collection Rug features creams, beiges and rusty reds to mimic autumn's natural hues. Read more

Countdown to Fall…Tools to Make Yardwork A Breeze

Let's Get Serious about Fall! Just 11 days away and one of our favorite seasons, there's just something about fall. And there are leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. And other yardwork to do during this transition to winter. Here are some of the best fall yardwork tools to help you make the most of your work time spent out in the yard this season:

GutterBrush Rain Gutter Guard
Prevention is key when dealing with gutters. Not only does the GutterBrush Rain Gutter Guard save you time spent cleaning out those gutters down the road, it keeps your rain gutters in better condition, reducing rust issues for longer use. Like other gutter guards, this one keeps leaves and pine needles out but allows water to pass through. It remains hidden, however, fully inside the gutter for a neat and tidy look. Read more

Up your Decor Game in the Game Room

With football season officially underway and youth soccer in full swing, my house has that feeling of a sports bar mixed with a locker room (somewhat exciting and at the same time unfortunate). In other words, we've got sports coming out of our ears! If you're not particularly interested in football (or baseball, or hockey, or basketball…) like me, that is all the more reason to create a sanctuary for your sports-loving family members. Call it a man-cave if you want, but I prefer to think of it as the "sports zone" of the house. Here are some fun ways to decorate and even include a bar with no plumbing required.

Football Helmet Neon Sculpture
Nothin' says sports bar like a Football Helmet Neon Sculpture! This fun, bright decor piece is available in favorite team colors. Read more

Back to School Organizing for Every Room

Have you been bitten by the back to school clutter bug? I know we have! The thing I seem to forget every year is that it is not just the kids' room that suffers. It's more like an explosion of papers, shoes, bags and lunchboxes all over the house for the first month that the kids are back in school. Here are some great new products to help minimize the damage throughout the home:

12 Drawer Rolling Cart
Dining Room: For us, homework, arts and crafts take place in the dining room. This 12 Drawer Rolling Cart has see-thru drawers of differing sizes, perfect for supplies and all of the paperwork that comes home. It is a great size for the early-grade crowd, but can work with them throughout their full 13 years of schooling and beyond. Read more

Decorate Your Home with our Labor Day Furniture Deals!

There are great deals to be found this weekend, especially if you're shopping for home furnishings. Whether you've been looking for that special piece to complete a look in your living room or are ready for a complete room makeover, we've got something for you!

Bento Club Chair
Perfect for the retro or modern styled home, the Bento Club Chair is comfortable and chic. Use it in the living room, study or even as a reading chair in the bedroom. Read more

Beyond the Dorm…Furnishing Your First Apartment

Dorms come with furniture. Apartments and other off-campus housing options do not. So what to do when you are moving out into your first off-campus digs? Here are some great pieces that maximize space and stay within budget while you create your own first home.

Mali Combo Chair - Versatile Sofa Chair and Sleeper
Ideally, your sofa should double as a bed, such as the uniquely modern Mali Combo Chair – Versatile Sofa Chair and Sleeper does! Converts instantly from sofa to sleep surface by folding the sides down. Includes fun color combos and more mature designs as well. Starting at $375 Read more

Style Spotlight: A Classic Home Office

If modern decor is not your thing and you find transitional style uninspiring in the office, add a few classic pieces to your home office for a new look with an old fashioned vibe. Here are some great picks for adding a classic look to your home office:

The Candlestick Phone
The Candlestick Phone has a traditional look but offers modern conveniences like touch dialing, redial and ringer volume options. A truly fun way to style the office. Read more

Finishing Touches for the Garden and Patio

Although school starts in just days for many, there is still plenty of time left this summer to enjoy your personal outdoor space. This is the time of year to put those finishing touches on your garden, deck or patio. Here we've gathered some of best of this season's outdoor decor and functional patio elements to give your outdoor space a finished look.

Stainless Steel Cube Planter
This Stainless Steel Cube Planter is the ultimate in modern, durable garden pots. Sleek and contemporary with a square shape, this planter brings a fresh look to the garden or patio. Read more

Closet Organizing Kit Does the Work for You

Organization Kit by Honey-Can-DoThis week's featured product takes the guesswork out of closet organizing, especially for the younger crowd (sending a kid off to college, anyone?) The Organization Kit by Honey-Can-Do is an all-in-one clothing organizer for the bedroom, dorm, studio apartment and more.

Here is a breakdown of what is included with the set, and tips on how to use it:
-Over the Door Shoe Rack – this handy, space-efficient shoe organizer can hold more than just shoes. Use it to organize scarves, jewelry, accessories and even school or office supplies – a multi-tasker, for sure. Read more

Back to College Gift Guide – Something for Everyone!

Whether your student is off to the dorms for the first time or back to the community college for a sophomore year, a back to college gift is a great way to spur motivation and help out with the tools he or she needs to succeed!

Here are some gift ideas for college students of any age with several price points in mind to keep everyone covered:

Under $60:
High Voltage Laptop Bag
The High Voltage Laptop Bag is one of many trendy, fun and functional laptop bags with a modern messenger bag look. Find leather models, classic felt and canvas options to suit any taste. Read more

Healthy Meals in the Dorm – Back to School Solutions

Send your teen off to college with tools for healthy eating whether they are in the freshman dorms or sharing their first apartment as a sophomore.

Here are our finds for the best in Dorm Appliances this season (and how to use them):

Kalorik 3 Tier Food Steamer
The Kalorik 3 Tier Food Steamer takes healthy eating for students to a whole new level, with a rice bowl and 3 steamer baskets for cooking up fresh vegetables, fish and more. The base measures just 9.5" x 7.5" space-friendly, safe and fast. Read more

Small Bathroom? Help is on the Way!

Small bathrooms can be frustrating for families, roommates and even single-dwellers! Let's face it – a spacious, carefully organized bathroom takes a good chunk of the chaos out of the so-called "morning routine". But don't worry if a full-scale remodel is not in the works for you; there are still many things you can do to make your bathroom work better for you and the whole family.

Here, our best tips for dealing with small bathrooms:

Towel Bar and Cabinet Organizer Combo
The cabinet door itself provides a fresh dose of storage to a cluttered bathroom. This Towel Bar and Cabinet Organizer Combo is a wonderful tool, using both sides of the cabinet door to hold a hand towel, cleaning supplies, makeup or toiletries. Read more

Taking Baby Steps to a Modern Makeover

For years I’ve resisted furniture and decorative pieces that could be considered “modern” or “contemporary”.

tableI think my aversion to this style comes from growing up in the 1980’s. Remember what modern looked like back then? Very stark, sterile and cold. Black and chrome were the ultimate combination. What was modern then is now totally outdated.

Lately I’ve been looking at my furniture and thinking, am I stuck in a style rut? Has my avoidance of modern furniture made my house look like my grandmother’s? Perhaps I could just introduce a few pieces here and there to update my look. That way I won’t feel overwhelmed by committing to a specific style, one that not everyone can pull off. Read more

Throwing a Successful Summer BBQ or Potluck

Deluxe Charcoal GrillSummer has barely begun, and I’m guessing you have already been to a number of barbecues, cookouts and potlucks. We humans sure love summer entertaining! Gathering with family and friends to gobble down good food, share stories, splash in the pool and soak in the sun is what we live for all winter long. But as we know, throwing a successful summer party is no easy task. There’s a lot to prepare, and a lot to handle once it’s over.

I’m going to address three key issues and offer up some solutions for making your barbeque or potluck easier and better than ever: Read more

Patio Blues… Ocean-Inspired Outdoor Furnishings

Fridays in the summer are all about preparing for a weekend of fun outdoors! In that same spirit, this Friday we are having fun with outdoor decor finds for the patio and garden, each designed with comfort and a commitment to summer-blues in mind.

Here you will find an array of seaside colors to add a cheerful, calming influence to your outdoor space:

Ravella Stripe Rug Denim
The Ravella Stripe Rug Denim reflects the darker range of ocean colors: true blues, browns, and sandy tans. A wonderful way to provide comfort under the feet and define a sitting area out on the patio or deck. Easy care and UV-stabilized. Read more

Savvy Outdoor Storage Solutions

So you've decorated and groomed the patio and gardens for summer entertaining, now what? Besides the obvious next step (inviting friends over for a party), the next great upgrade for your outdoor space, whether it is a front porch, a back deck or a grassy garden area, is to add storage for all of those summer-entertaining tools to keep your outdoor space neat and tidy. Here are some great finds for either adding storage or making the most of what you already have:

Storage Box
A sturdy deck box, like this beautiful dark brown eucalyptus Storage Box, can hold cushions, candles, even dishes, and should always double as extra seating for those summer parties. Check weight capacity limits on any deck box you buy to ensure your guests can use it that way. Read more

Outdoor Kitchens: No Plumbing or Electricity Required!

You don't have to go through a costly remodel of your backyard to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor kitchen. Enjoying a meal outside with friends and family, whether it was created on your stove inside or on the grill outside, is one of the finest ways to take advantage of the summer season! Gather these simple items that will be there for you every morning, noon and night, keeping you outside (and maybe even entertaining), more often!

Anti Fatigue Deck Mat
It all starts with the right space, and an outdoor rug is a great way to define that space. This Anti Fatigue Deck Mat eases back strain while standing over a hot grill. Read more

Patriotic Home Decor Finds – In the Unlikeliest of Places…

We've all seen our share of patriotic placemats, quilts and even dishes. But if you are looking to add a touch of patriotism to your home in a new way, check out these fun Patriotic Home Decor Finds that take their posts in the un-likeliest of places. Flag-decor not your thing? You'll still get a kick out of looking at these bright, bold home accents and their far-out locations (laundry room, anyone?).

Patriotic Present Coir Doormat
The Patriotic Present Coir Doormat is full of fun and function but is subtle in its presentation with a navy blue background, stars and two stripes tied into a bow! A perfect alternative to (or addition to) flying a flag for independence day! Read more

Made in the USA – Homewares for the 4th of July!

In honor of Independence Day, we have lined up the best storage and organization products made in America just for you! Proving that American-Made counts, these creative manufacturers have been busy finding ways to make homewares better and more affordable by making them here, at home.

Here are our favorite picks of organizing products Made in the USA!

Jewelry Rax
Made in the USA and relatively new on the market, the Jewelry Rax is a true organizing hero. This handy jewelry organizer mounts to the wall and offers easy access to your most frequently used gems. Read more

Not Your Grandma's Picnic Basket – Modern Picnic Gear for Summer Fun

With health front and center in our minds lately, many of us are discovering the benefits of simply getting outside! And nothing says outside fun in the summer like a picnic. Luckily, this happy change in pace for people has coincided with an upgrade in picnic gear that makes outdoor eating easier for all!

Here are our picks for the best in Picnic Gear:

Mesh Pop-up Food Covers
Flies be gone! These Mesh Pop-up Food Covers are simple to use and fold down, taking up almost no space in your picnic basket. Plus, they allow you to sit back and relax without worrying about swatting those bugs away! Read more

Outdoor Accents: Five Under $50

While the first official day of summer is still two days away, I think most of us have already dipped our toes into the waters of this favorite of seasons! Whether you have just dusted off your patio furniture cushions or have already started getting your annuals into the ground, you are probably ready for a little outdoor decor fun, just as I am.

Here are five great Outdoor Accents, all under 50 dollars…Enjoy!

Set of 2 Rectangle Outdoor Pillows
This Set of 2 Rectangle Outdoor Pillows adds fun style or a punch of color to your patio furniture, depending on your mood! Read more

End of School Year Clutter Control – Kids Storage Breakdown

Are you ready for the summer? I sure am, but I wasn't quite ready for all of the wonderful "stuff" my kids would bring home from school on the last day. And let's face it, the package that comes home on the last day of the school year is the good stuff. It's not the day to day worksheets that "accidentally" end up in the recycle bin throughout the year (oops!). These are the keepers (at least for another year).

Start by hanging new artwork on the walls of their room. Think of the art that kids bring home as free room decor. Choose the biggest, bold-colored pieces for them to enjoy. Next, weed out any books, whether they are decodable readers (recycle?), books made by the student, or portfolios. These should go on a bookcase in their room. And lastly, any unfinished workbooks or sheets tossed in there by the teacher should be kept where they normally do their homework. (But ONLY if you actually think they will do those sheets during the summer. Otherwise, do yourself a big favor and recycle them now.)

Wicker Night Stand Basket
When looking for a storage vessel for your kids masterpieces, think big. For artwork, 8 1/2 x 11 is probably not going to work. This oversized Wicker Night Stand Basket does the trick at over 22" x 15". And it's pretty, perfect for leaving out in plain view. Read more

Fun with Outdoor Lighting

Let the summer entertaining season begin! With Memorial Day behind us, we are taking stock of all that we have and all that we are lacking for the many months of outdoor parties to come. Outdoor lighting sets the mood for a great celebration (or everyday relaxation) and keeps it going well into the night. Here are some great finds in outdoor lighting to kick off the season:

Solar Classy Caps-Fencepost Cap Lights
Light up your fence posts in the front and backyard with Solar Classy Caps-Fencepost Cap Lights. They are easy to use and solar powered, perfect for warm, sunny summer months! Read more

A Smarter Entryway

With summer activities in full swing, it's time for many of us to rethink the mudroom. The entryway should act as a sort of filter for the rest of the home, catching shoes, clutter and even debris before they enter the main living areas of the home. This will save you valuable time when cleaning and when getting ready to head out the door in the morning. Here are some great entryway organizers to get you on your way to a more peaceful entry to your home:

Naples Hall Tree
The Naples Hall Tree is great for a large, unused wall. It has a bench for sitting on while getting ready and a lift top that allows for extra hidden storage – great for shoes, beach bags, towels and sporting equipment. Read more

Graduation Gifts get a Modern Twist

Whether you are attending a high school or college graduation ceremony, the same old standard graduation gifts still apply in today's world. Just be sure to check out these finds to make sure your gift is still relevant in the modern world:

Ladies Computer Handbag
Briefcases are still a great gift for grads, just make sure it is designed to safely transport a laptop, which is an essential part of any student or professional's world. This one has a feminine design and looks just like a handbag! Read more

Friday Fun with Beach Decor

It's almost beach season! Whether you live on the coast or in the middle of the country, adding a touch of the beach to your home design can be fun and refreshing. As always when changing up your home decor, start small and work your way up to a fully redecorated room.

Here are some great beachy-decor finds for every area of the home:

Coast Hook Single
What a beautiful alternative to a traditional towel hook! These Coast Hooks are made of natural sea stones which are then replaced for sustainability. Use them in the bathroom, kitchen or entryway to hang coats, towels and more. Read more

Over the Door Hooks – Six Different Ways

Sure, we've all heard of Over the Door Shoe Racks and Coat Hooks. But there's simply more to closet storage than just that! When space is at a premium in your home, look to the backs of your doors for extra hanging and storage space. Whether it is the hall closet, bedroom or back of the bathroom door, there is an over the door organizer out there to solve almost any storage dilemma.

Here are some of the more unique forms of Over the Door Racks you will find:

Bamboo Accents Game Storage Over Door Rack
Video Game Storage on the back of the door? So smart. Anyone with kids knows how quickly video games and their related equipment can take over your life. This one is perfect for the kids' bedroom door, pantry or wherever else they like to hang out. Read more

Get more "Zen" out of your Garden Decor

Whether you are are a student of meditation or simply like an Asian-inspired space to relax, there are ways to make any outdoor living space more "Zen". You don't have to say "om" or even incorporate Buddha into your design. Simple swaps for items you already have in the yard can be made for a more calming, spa-like feel.

Here are the Best in Asian-style Garden Accents for the Home:

Set of 3 Rock Cairns
Rock Cairns guide your way through the garden with peace and ease. Purchase or make your own! Read more