Christmas Decorations, Old and New… from Tag

This year, have fun with your Christmas decorations by quietly mixing old pieces in with new. People always ask me “Is your Christmas decor more traditional or more modern?” To that, I say “Both!” Incorporating classics like the Magical Christmas Beverage Server and more modern pieces like the Woodland Reindeer (both shown below) gives your home a cozy feel with a new edge and room to grow every year.

To make it easy, these new collections from Tag offer both classic and contemporary pieces, an easy way to set up your holiday decor scheme with little effort.

Snowflakes 3-Tier Glass Stand
Serve up cookies or savory appetizers on the beautiful Snowflakes 3-Tier Glass Stand. Classic snowflakes and colored backgrounds show through the glass plates for an elegant buffet. Read more

Go the Extra Mile for Guests this Holiday Season

Your holiday guests are traveling miles and miles to see you, why not meet them halfway? That is, with some extra TLC crafted out of things you might just have around your house.

Here are some great tips for stress-free hosting of holiday guests this year:

Teton Oak Leaf Wreath with Berries - Copper and Gold
Scented Candles: A quick, easy update to your decor with a few scented candles placed on the kitchen island or in the bathroom goes a long way toward enhancing the holiday mood for all in the home to enjoy. (Shown: Teton Oak Leaf Wreath with Berries – Copper and Gold, candles not included). Read more

Wine Glass Storage for the Holidays

Every year, we bring out our best wine glasses and champagne flutes to use multiple times throughout the holidays. And, almost every year, we break one of those glasses. At least the damage is a friendly reminder to properly store those pieces after the start of the New Year to help them make it through to another year.

Here are some of the best stemware storage cases for short and long term storage of your precious (or semi-precious) glasses:

Quilted Microfiber Stemware Storage - Holds 12 Wine Glasses
Perfect for goblets up to 4″ wide, the Quilted Microfiber Stemware Storage Holds 12 Wine Glasses of almost any size! The dark brown finish has a Thanksgiving vibe which is perfect since that is usually the first time of the season we pull out our special glassware. Each compartment measures approximately 3.9″W x 4.1″D x 9.75″H. Read more

Copper Kitchen Accessories for a Festive Touch

Accenting the kitchen with copper lends an unexpected festive touch to the space just in time for the holidays. Whether you use copper pieces for decoration or as functional elements in the kitchen and dining room, you will be surprised that this beautiful medium almost became the forgotten metal! Luckily copper is back in style, ready to dress up the modern, contemporary, country or transitional kitchen with just a little shine. Right now, all of our copper kitchenware from Old Dutch is on sale thru November 24th!

Here are some of our favorites:

Double Wine Chiller
This Double Wine Chiller features a chrome finished interior and copper finished exterior with subtle hammering on its texture. Extra sturdy handles allow you to carry this tub from the bar to the dining table when dinner starts. Read more

Dining Room Steals to Get You through Thanksgiving…

Whether you are in charge of the big bird this year or simply plan on hosting a few friends for holiday cocktails, we’ve gathered the best dining room deals to get your home entertaining-ready and still have money left over for gift shopping. From serving carts to dining chair sets ($139 or $159 with free shipping!!), we’ve got you covered.

Spain Dark Brown Modern Dining Chair - Set of 2
Luxurious yet budget-conscious, this set of 2 Spain Dark Brown Modern Dining Chairs is covered in microfiber on both the seat and back for comfort. Brown tones on the wood and upholstery make for an elegant contrast. Perfect for the transitionally styled dining room. Read more

Fall Fun with Stacks on Pinterest

Autumn Mist Wall Decor by Yosemite Home DecorThe unofficial holiday season, although at the end of the year, always seems to inspire all things new and fresh. It’s the time of year when you find yourself saying “Oh, I’d better get on that!” over and over again. And we all know that there’s nothing quite like spending some time to gather new ideas, recipes and inspirations. Pinterest is a great holding tank for all of the things that you want to try. If you are in the mood for fall like we are, check out our Stacks pinterest boards, all of which we have organized and reshuffled, bringing the most seasonally relevant boards to the top: Fall Colors, Fall Decorating, Getting Cozy for Fall and Fall Cooking. It’s a great place to start when forming your own boards as we have already collected some of the season’s best offerings for you!

Image: Autumn Mist Wall Decor by Yosemite Home Decor

Kitchen Organizers to Cope with Holiday Madness

Holidays…Full Steam Ahead! With Halloween less than a week away, it’s time to start preparing for the feeding frenzy that is the holiday season! No matter what holiday we are talking about, most people agree that the kitchen is the center of all the action. What can I say… people love to eat cozy comfort food this time of year whether they are entertaining or not. Throw Christmas cookies into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for clutter in the kitchen for the next few months.

We’ve collected our best kitchen organizers and tools that will help make this season a little less chaotic, and a little more cheerful:

Under Cabinet Stemware Holder
Words cannot describe how elegant an Under Cabinet Stemware Holder looks in the kitchen, or mounted under the buffet in the dining room. It gives off a warm, welcoming feel when guests arrive and keeps them from having to ask “Where are your wine glasses?” Read more

Space Saving Solutions for Your Small Bathroom

Bathroom - Lauren Powell-Smothers via flickrGuest post by Elena Meadowcroft
Image courtesy of Lauren Powell-Smothers via flickr.

The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that tends to get cluttered no matter how hard you try to keep things organized. Many older homes don’t even have what we traditionally call a master bath – instead, you are greeted with a modest tub, toilet and vanity setup cramped into a small, often linear space. Read more

Battery Operated Candles for the Holidays

Remote LED Candle SetThis week’s featured product has safety and cozyness in mind, perfect for this time of year! As we head into the holidays at full steam, with Halloween kicking off the season less than two weeks from now, we are reminded of the soft glow of candle light. Many of us have switched over to battery operated tealight candles in our jack-o-lanterns for safety and ease of use. But battery operated candles aren’t just for pumpkins, they are also an important part of your decor throughout the home during the holiday season, providing you with the glow that you want but letting you rest assured that you’re not going to burn the house down if you forget to put them out! This Remote LED Candle Set is beautiful with a creamy off white wax like finish and, yes, a remote control for operation. Also available is the Battery LED Candle Set (sorry, NO remote), with a classic white look. The flames are realistic, flickering just like a real flame but instead they are LED light bulbs.

Enjoy this holiday season with a safe and beautiful home!

How to Revamp the Bedroom for Winter

Guest Post by Tiffany Faming

Winter is a great time to revamp your bedroom.
Traditionally in the winter you want to go with darker colors and heavier fabrics as opposed to the lighter designs you would use in the summer. Pick out your favorite color or pick a favorite painting and plan your entire room from there. You may want to paint, but you can get by without painting if your room has a neutral color base. As you plan out your room, it helps to have an overall design in mind or at least a basic color you want to go with. Some people will go with traditional deep reds or greens, but a dark purple or grey can also make great colors for your bedroom in the winter.

Purple Bedroom
Image courtesy of MAZZALIARMADI.IT via Flickr (CC by 2.0) Read more

Wine Collections…Under Control and On Display

8 Bottle Dakota Wine Rack with Display TopWith the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to get that wine collection under control once and for all! If you are an entertainer by nature and plan on having friends and family over multiple times during this holiday season, a medium sized wine rack is the way to go! This week’s featured product, the 8 Bottle Dakota Wine Rack with Display Top is my favorite pick of the season, brand new. This wine storage rack combines the best of storage and appearance capabilities, ideal for leaving out in plain view of guests.

The eight bottle capacity allows you to put out your “party wines” and not risk accidental opening of the expensive stuff, which can remain safely stowed away in your permanent wine storage area. The top stores the bottles face up, just like you would see in a store, so that you can easily read the labels without even picking up the bottle! And it comes in beautiful finishes, including an unfinished wood that can be stained or painted to match your decor! Enjoy!

Have another size in mind? The Dakota Wine Racks are available in a variety of sizes, capacities and finishes:

Small Room in a Small Home

Looking for storage and functional living space is naturally a challenge in small homes. But with the right furniture pieces, you can achieve both, whether you are living solo in a studio apartment or cozying up with a growing family in a small house.

These innovative convertible furniture pieces go from morning to night, play to work and from storage time to mealtime in a jiffy to make the best use of every space in your home:

Paris Convertible Ottoman Sleeper
This unique ottoman, the Paris Convertible Ottoman Sleeper, folds out into a bed for overnight guests. Perfect for the living room, or the home office that doubles duty as a guest room at night. Read more

The Organized Bedroom for Better Sleep

Bed Butler 16The bedroom should be a place of calm and peace. A spot where you can go at the end of the day to relax and unwind for the best deep-sleep experience. Similarly, the bedroom is the first thing you see when you wake up each day, so keeping it tidy (or cluttered) can set the mood for the rest of the day.

Here are some great tips for gaining control of clutter in the bedroom:

  • Bedside Caddy – In the past these were made of canvas or mesh, although a new product on the market, the Bed Butler 16″ Pro Bedside Caddy boasts a clear plastic design Read more
  • Affordable, Fun Lighting for Every Room!

    An easy way to give any room a new look is by switching up the lighting scheme. Lamps are well known in the designing world for their ability to breathe new life into a space, so demand for different looks in lighting has been on the rise for some time. Thankfully, lighting designers are stepping up to the challenge with multiple releases every year of the newest and best in lighting.

    Here are our favorite picks that don’t break the budget this fall:

    Simple Designs Glass Diamond Shaped Table Lamp
    Elegant with a hint of retro style, the Simple Designs Glass Diamond Shaped Table Lamp is available in six different colors ranging from White to Aqua, allowing you to choose between a pop of color and a simple splash of style. Read more

    We’re Ready for Fall… Are You?

    Fall ColorsStacks and Stacks is ready for fall living, with great guides and ideas for everything from decorating with fall-colors to winterizing the home, or simply getting cozy.

    Here’s What We Love About Fall:

    Cider – Whether you make it yourself or buy it from the store, nothing says autumn like a nice hot mug of cider with a cinnamon stick stirrer, (and the occasional splash of brandy for the grownups.) Read more

    In the Mood for Fall Decor?

    It is fall, not January, that marks the beginning of a new year for many of us. Often it is this time of year that we are inspired to do something new in our homes, whether it be to start an organizing project we have been putting off or simply freshen up our decor.

    Here are five beautiful fall-inspired home accents to give any room an updated look:

    Trio Collection Rug
    The Trio Collection Rug is a crowd favorite collection, thanks its affordable and high quality attitude. The Full Leaf Design Trio Collection Rug features creams, beiges and rusty reds to mimic autumn’s natural hues. Read more

    Countdown to Fall…Tools to Make Yardwork A Breeze

    Let’s Get Serious about Fall! Just 11 days away and one of our favorite seasons, there’s just something about fall. And there are leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. And other yardwork to do during this transition to winter. Here are some of the best fall yardwork tools to help you make the most of your work time spent out in the yard this season:

    GutterBrush Rain Gutter Guard
    Prevention is key when dealing with gutters. Not only does the GutterBrush Rain Gutter Guard save you time spent cleaning out those gutters down the road, it keeps your rain gutters in better condition, reducing rust issues for longer use. Like other gutter guards, this one keeps leaves and pine needles out but allows water to pass through. It remains hidden, however, fully inside the gutter for a neat and tidy look. Read more

    Up your Decor Game in the Game Room

    With football season officially underway and youth soccer in full swing, my house has that feeling of a sports bar mixed with a locker room (somewhat exciting and at the same time unfortunate). In other words, we’ve got sports coming out of our ears! If you’re not particularly interested in football (or baseball, or hockey, or basketball…) like me, that is all the more reason to create a sanctuary for your sports-loving family members. Call it a man-cave if you want, but I prefer to think of it as the “sports zone” of the house. Here are some fun ways to decorate and even include a bar with no plumbing required.

    Football Helmet Neon Sculpture
    Nothin’ says sports bar like a Football Helmet Neon Sculpture! This fun, bright decor piece is available in favorite team colors. Read more

    Back to School Organizing for Every Room

    Have you been bitten by the back to school clutter bug? I know we have! The thing I seem to forget every year is that it is not just the kids’ room that suffers. It’s more like an explosion of papers, shoes, bags and lunchboxes all over the house for the first month that the kids are back in school. Here are some great new products to help minimize the damage throughout the home:

    12 Drawer Rolling Cart
    Dining Room: For us, homework, arts and crafts take place in the dining room. This 12 Drawer Rolling Cart has see-thru drawers of differing sizes, perfect for supplies and all of the paperwork that comes home. It is a great size for the early-grade crowd, but can work with them throughout their full 13 years of schooling and beyond. Read more

    Decorate Your Home with our Labor Day Furniture Deals!

    There are great deals to be found this weekend, especially if you’re shopping for home furnishings. Whether you’ve been looking for that special piece to complete a look in your living room or are ready for a complete room makeover, we’ve got something for you!

    Bento Club Chair
    Perfect for the retro or modern styled home, the Bento Club Chair is comfortable and chic. Use it in the living room, study or even as a reading chair in the bedroom. Read more

    Beyond the Dorm…Furnishing Your First Apartment

    Dorms come with furniture. Apartments and other off-campus housing options do not. So what to do when you are moving out into your first off-campus digs? Here are some great pieces that maximize space and stay within budget while you create your own first home.

    Mali Combo Chair - Versatile Sofa Chair and Sleeper
    Ideally, your sofa should double as a bed, such as the uniquely modern Mali Combo Chair – Versatile Sofa Chair and Sleeper does! Converts instantly from sofa to sleep surface by folding the sides down. Includes fun color combos and more mature designs as well. Starting at $375 Read more

    Style Spotlight: A Classic Home Office

    If modern decor is not your thing and you find transitional style uninspiring in the office, add a few classic pieces to your home office for a new look with an old fashioned vibe. Here are some great picks for adding a classic look to your home office:

    The Candlestick Phone
    The Candlestick Phone has a traditional look but offers modern conveniences like touch dialing, redial and ringer volume options. A truly fun way to style the office. Read more

    Finishing Touches for the Garden and Patio

    Although school starts in just days for many, there is still plenty of time left this summer to enjoy your personal outdoor space. This is the time of year to put those finishing touches on your garden, deck or patio. Here we’ve gathered some of best of this season’s outdoor decor and functional patio elements to give your outdoor space a finished look.

    Stainless Steel Cube Planter
    This Stainless Steel Cube Planter is the ultimate in modern, durable garden pots. Sleek and contemporary with a square shape, this planter brings a fresh look to the garden or patio. Read more

    Closet Organizing Kit Does the Work for You

    Organization Kit by Honey-Can-DoThis week’s featured product takes the guesswork out of closet organizing, especially for the younger crowd (sending a kid off to college, anyone?) The Organization Kit by Honey-Can-Do is an all-in-one clothing organizer for the bedroom, dorm, studio apartment and more.

    Here is a breakdown of what is included with the set, and tips on how to use it:
    -Over the Door Shoe Rack – this handy, space-efficient shoe organizer can hold more than just shoes. Use it to organize scarves, jewelry, accessories and even school or office supplies – a multi-tasker, for sure. Read more

    Back to College Gift Guide – Something for Everyone!

    Whether your student is off to the dorms for the first time or back to the community college for a sophomore year, a back to college gift is a great way to spur motivation and help out with the tools he or she needs to succeed!

    Here are some gift ideas for college students of any age with several price points in mind to keep everyone covered:

    Under $60:
    High Voltage Laptop Bag
    The High Voltage Laptop Bag is one of many trendy, fun and functional laptop bags with a modern messenger bag look. Find leather models, classic felt and canvas options to suit any taste. Read more

    Healthy Meals in the Dorm – Back to School Solutions

    Send your teen off to college with tools for healthy eating whether they are in the freshman dorms or sharing their first apartment as a sophomore.

    Here are our finds for the best in Dorm Appliances this season (and how to use them):

    Kalorik 3 Tier Food Steamer
    The Kalorik 3 Tier Food Steamer takes healthy eating for students to a whole new level, with a rice bowl and 3 steamer baskets for cooking up fresh vegetables, fish and more. The base measures just 9.5″ x 7.5″ space-friendly, safe and fast. Read more