Torino 68″ Flat Screen TV Stand by Sonax

With lots of storage space and built in cord management, this Torino 68″ Flat Screen TV Stand by Sonax is perfect for the big game or a cozy movie night! On sale for three days only! $255, through September 30th.

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Fifty Ways To Leave Your Clutter: Part Five

Laney Watson 4th grade Kid's artThis week we’re finishing up our series by Rita Emmett; 50 Ways to Leave Your Clutter. Here are Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four in case you missed them.

~~ That Could Be Art, Bart ~~
41. Make keepsake albums for kids with a 3-ring binder. Include pictures, certificates, cards or letters, and add your own comments. Children can keep this in their rooms and will come to treasure the memories you are providing. Read more

Time To Conquer Perfectionism

imperfectionCan you name 3 of the top New Year’s Resolutions that people make every January?
Do you know what my 3 topics are?? AHA! How perceptive of you. That’s right. The answers to both questions are the same.

My topics are (and my passion is) helping people to 1) break the procrastination habit, 2) conquer clutter and 3) manage stress in a healthy way.

Would you believe that there is one specific habit/attitude that has such a profound impact on ALL of these topics that all three of my books devote a large chunk of space to it? Got any idea what attitude would increase your clutter AND procrastination AND stress? Go ahead. Try to guess. Read more