Getting the Guest Room Ready for Holiday Visitors

sofa bedLet’s face it, most of us do not have a room that is dedicated just to guests. More often than not, our guests are sharing a space with a computer, a treadmill, toys, or some combination of those items.

During the holidays in particular, guest-stays tend to be longer and you want them to be comfortable, assuming you want them to come back, of course.

Here are solutions to some common problems that plague the guestroom: Read more

Time To Conquer Perfectionism

imperfectionCan you name 3 of the top New Year’s Resolutions that people make every January?
Do you know what my 3 topics are?? AHA! How perceptive of you. That’s right. The answers to both questions are the same.

My topics are (and my passion is) helping people to 1) break the procrastination habit, 2) conquer clutter and 3) manage stress in a healthy way.

Would you believe that there is one specific habit/attitude that has such a profound impact on ALL of these topics that all three of my books devote a large chunk of space to it? Got any idea what attitude would increase your clutter AND procrastination AND stress? Go ahead. Try to guess. Read more

Qhick Tip: Getting Ready For Christmas

Holiday Card KeeperWhen I wanted to write about Christmas this week, I wondered if it was too early.Then I saw two Christmas posts on a couple of my favorite “intentional living” blogs and I felt like I was in good company.  So… onwards and upwards.

When you think about Christmas, what are the aspects that overwhelm you and stress you out?

For me, it’s not knowing what’s happening.

I’m a girl who loves a plan and I like to know who’s hosting the lunch and what I have to bring.

I also like to have clear in my mind what we’re doing about gifts and cards. Read more

21 Tips to Create Clutter-Busting Kids

Toy ShelfHere are 21 tips to help kids become clutter-busters. (and a lot are helpful to adults, too.)

1. Cleaning their rooms involves making decisions. The more you help to simplify the room, the easier the cleaning and the decision-making becomes.

2. Check out books from the library, and buy only the ones your children really love. Why spend money on books they’ll never read?

3. If toys, books, puzzles and games don’t have a happy home that the child can reach easily to put away, then, you’ve got clutter. Read more

Tuesday Tip: How to Get a Real Person!

operatorI usually address all my customer service needs with companies from their websites. Most are intuitive and easy to use. But sometimes there is an issue which requires a direct question to a live person, so a phone call is required.

Ah, the dreaded customer service phone call.

Most customer service representatives are friendly and helpful. Once you finally get to one. Read more

Web Accessibility For All – We’ve Got It!

web accessibilityStacks and Stacks is doing something new to reach out to seniors and the disabled!

We have a new icon on our website that offers a link to a web accessibility tool for seniors and the disabled! The tool is absolutely free to download and free to use, and can help people with impairments navigate the internet and our website. Read more

But What Do I Do With All The Caps?

recycle binI’m learning more about recycling everyday (thanks to my friends at!).

Like many households, we have a giant blue recycling bin that we throw all our recyclables into. Like many people, I had some questions in my mind as I was tossing a plastic container or a pizza box; Can the lid be recycled? Is it OK if there is a little grease on the pizza box? Should I rinse out containers before recycling them? But when I’m in the kitchen, I’m usually doing five other things and I don’t have time to find the answer.

I kinda just figure the guys at the recycle place will figure it out. Read more

An Animal Lover’s Paradise

animaltowmusa-logoI know there are a lot of you organizing nuts out there who are animal lovers like me. Have I got the site for you! Animal Town USA.

They sell al kinds of stuff by various artist, and everything has an animal or critter theme. There are boxes for organizing your trinkets, flags for your mailbox, jewelry, and a menagerie of wonderful houseware and gifts to admire!

Thanks for such a fun site, Animal Town!