Remove Water Stains from Wood


Remove Water Stains from Wood

7 Tips for Removing Water Rings from Wood Furniture and Wood Surfaces Using Simple Household Products

Spilling a beverage or leaving a window open next to heirloom furniture can feel devastating when it happens. White rings from glasses or blotches from rain can ruin the surface of an otherwise beautiful piece of furniture. Fortunately there are a few solutions to remove water stains from wood that can reduce the appearance of blemishes and sometimes remove them altogether. Of course, if the damage is too great, a furniture piece might require refinishing, but you owe it to yourself to try a few of these easy water stain removal methods before throwing in the towel.

  • Sometimes carefully applied heat via an iron (with a cotton ironing cloth) will lift white rings – especially if they are still fresh. Applying heat removes some of the moisture trapped in the grain.
  • Toothpaste, very carefully rubbed in to a small area with a cloth. Use the white paste, not the gel, and don’t over-rub because the polish can alter the finish and make it glossy.
  • Mayonnaise – rub it over the stain and leave for an hour. Wipe it off and see if it improves the stain.
  • Equal parts olive oil and vinegar. Rub across grain with a soft cloth and see if it restores some of the depth and color of wood. This works the same way as mayonnaise, as it replaces oils in woods but it has a higher oil concentration.
  • Massage petroleum jelly into the stain (yet another variant of the oil remedy).
  • Combine a teaspoon or so of salt with a little water and put that on the stain. Salt has an absorbing capability but will also act as a mild abrasive so do this with caution, or you may polish the surface of your dresser.
  • Mix oil or butter with powdered charcoal or cigarette ashes and rub into the wood. Using a dark substance is especially effective on dark old furniture as it can replace some of the color and conceal the damage.

The main photo shows before and after images of a water-damaged walnut dresser top. I used the mayonnaise method to remove the water stains, which produced rather amazing results. Imagine my dismay as I woke to find those water rings after absent-mindedly leaving the windows open. As you can see in photos, it’s barely visible now. The stains were about two years old. If you treat water damaged wood right away, it’s likely to yield even more impressive results.

There are no guarantees that the methods above will fix your water rings and please try them at your own risk. Before resorting to refinishing or even veneering your furniture it may be worth it want to try some of these water-stain-removal hacks, however.

mayo water stain removal

Shed and Garage Storage Made Easy


Now that the snow is gone, every outdoor project I failed to complete last fall looms largely as the rains approach and the perennials begin peaking through the grass. The 2015 winter came suddenly, as it often does, and I haphazardly stashed every garden tool and accessory in my newly-built shed quickly before the first snow fell. With only a single pegboard for storage and no hooks or shelves, the shed is well, a mess. Fortunately, my work place has lots of garage and shed storage accessories to get me organized and ready for my spring yard-cleaning tasks.

For shovels and rakes, the freestanding rack quickly organizes the weed whacker, shovels, rakes and other gardening tools. It accommodates 20 long-handled tools, 17 short-handled tools, an electrical cord – plus it has casters for short-distance moving. It’s made of resin, is fairly lightweight, and yet sturdy enough to store heavy tools.

The wall storage rack is an alternative way to store gardening tools. Made of metal, it holds up to 50 pounds of shovels, rakes, trimmers and other gardening essentials. This kit includes a single hook, a loop hook, a long-handled hook, two double hooks, and a 48-inch rail which mounts to studs or the wall using included hardware.

The ladder bracket is a super-inexpensive way to keep ladders upright and prevent them from falling over. It doubles as a wheelbarrow rack, so I purchased several. They’re simple to install with only two screws which come in the package.

For household hand tools and other gardening items, this Pegboard 32 Piece Kit has tons of components for many other storage needs. This includes two 18 x 36-inch steel epoxy-coated pegboards which won’t warp or degrade like common boards – plus a huge selection of storage accessories, including single, double and curved hooks. The bright white color will brighten my dim, windowless shed. Other sized and style pegboards are also available in our garage storage section.

For gas cans, spray washing supplies, and other items, a small cabinet is appropriate. We sell both resin and metal storage cabinets here. With an organized shed, now I can spend less time rummaging around for things and more time getting to the important business of yard cleanup!

by Laurie H.



Prepping for Thanksgiving Day dinner

Ready or not, here comes Turkey Day — AND your hungry family. If you have been honored with the chore of making dinner for the fam, make it easy on yourself with the proper tools.

 Must-have kitchen gadgets for a Thanksgiving feast

  • Electric knife: I know it seems goofy, but this Electric Knife from Cuisinart will make it super simple to cleanly slice up your bird or ham come the big day. Carving a turkey can be a real chore, but this handy blade takes the guess work and grunt work out. It comes with a solid hardwood stand and handle storage so you can keep it properly stored and it will be like-new every year. Switch between the two stainless steel blades, designed for carving meat and bread respectively. A safety button and a four foot cord makes this electric knife user-friendly and safe for everyone.
  • Immersion blender: Whether you’re looking to perfect your gravy, mashed spuds or whip up a great soup with that leftover turkey, an immersion blender is a must have. This particular model from Cuisinart comes with three different attachments to do the work of a food processor, a power whisk or drink mixer plus a blender. Two speeds and a 200 watt motor allow you to chop, puree, blend, whip and process.
  • Food chopper: Chop veggies for your stuffing, pecans for pie, garlic to spice up your potatoes and much more with this easy hand chopper. The plastic base allows you to chop without the addition of a cutting board. The covered design also keeps you hands out of the way, so you can cut and dice without worrying about slicing your fingers. This safe, easy to clean (throw it in the dishwasher!) and user-friendly chopper is a great addition year-round.
  • Food processor: Cut your prep time in half with a food processor. This one has a three cup bowl and convenient handle that allows you to easily measure ingredients. This counter top appliance is perfect for chopping veggies and making sauces like cranberry relish.

Wind chimes create a soothing outdoor escape

The delicate sound of garden wind chimes creates the perfect at-home escape from the busy world.

wind-chimes-2We are constantly adding new collections to our site and recently we found this excellent wind chime manufacturer, Woodstock Chimes. This family-owned business is based out of Hudson Valley, New York. Woodstock Chimes creates and produces high quality, unique pieces that are sure to provide a sense of calm and joy to any age with their world-famous sounds.

When the catalog of wind chimes hit my desk, my first thought was, “but summer is over!”

How wrong I was. Gentle autumn breezes create the perfect environment for these timeless melodies. Crisp air and the traveling twinkle of wind chimes is the perfect setting for carving pumpkins, picking apples, and enjoying warm cider and donuts.

Here are of my favorites:


  • Plays the notes found in the patriotic song, America the Beautiful.
  • Playful, light melody will have your soul soaring on the breeze.
  • Named to honor the role nature’s habitats play on the eco-system.
  • A lifetime tuning guarantee is offered through the manufacturer.
  • Hang the wind chimes out in the yard using the ring at the top.
  • Creates a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere – perfect for relaxation.
  • The wind catcher displays a carved dragonfly, butterfly, or owl.
  • Antique copper finish and steel plated constructed wind catcher.
  • Chime tubes are crafted from bronze-finished, recycled aluminum.
  • Top piece and clapper are made from Bubinga-finished ash wood.


  • Offers a relaxing atmosphere to your backyard garden or seating space.
  • The chimes move with the breeze to create random patterns of sound.
  • Hand-tuned to a universal five-note pentatonic scale for rich notes.
  • Rich and deep musical notes are created as the wind ruffles the chimes.
  • A lifetime tuning guarantee is offered through the manufacturer.
  • Use the top ring to hang the wind chimes from any outdoor hook.
  • Tubes are crafted from durable, recycled aluminum material.
  • Clapper, wind catcher, and top piece are made from ash wood.
  • Comes in several color combinations to blend into any space.
  • Makes a unique gift for the music lover on your holiday list.
  • Named for the third planet in our system we call home; Earth.

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Pet food storage ideas that will save you time


Is this photo too familiar?

Proper storage for your pet’s food is a must, not only for your convenience, but for your friends health too! A few staple pieces will make this task an easy one to keep up:

The basics

The most important pieces you need are a plastic bin and a scoop. That’s it! When looking for a plastic bin, find one large enough to hold at least an entire bag of your preferred dry kibble. You also want to make sure there is some space left so you can easily scoop. Also look for a bin that has at least two latches on the side — you want an airtight seal that is going to promote freshness and longevity.

The Airtight Storage Tote has SIX latches and a clear finish that makes it easy to tell at a glance when you need to stock up on food. You can also use a garbage can if the space you have is vertical. Just make sure you use something with a secure lid like this Sterilite Plastic Kitchen Trash Can.

Next, the scoop. This is one is easier, I promise. You want to search for something that is constructed from a food-safe, durable material. It’s a real plus if you can find that has a loop or hole for hanging too. This BPA-free plastic scoop is great find with a half cup capacity.


If you’d rather just skip the searching and find a system that is ready to go, there are plenty of complete pet food storage bins out there! This model from our friends at Iris comes complete with a latching lid and four rolling casters. It’s super easy to move around the house and holds more than enough with a 33 quart capacity.


Looking for something different? Consider these food storage ideas that easily transition to food storage for our furry friends:

  • Cereal dispenser: The under counter cereal dispenser is a great way to save time. Simply place you buddy’s food bowl underneath, pull the lever and watch the kibble fill.
  • Bulk Food Dispenser: This is a great idea for cat food. This pitcher-like bin holds food, bag and all. The handle makes it super easy to pour and a tight-latching top keeps contents fresh.

 Find these products and more at


Labor Day weekend 2015

2560x1600 Sunset Camp HDR HD Wallpaper For many, Labor Day is the last chance at a weekend getaway before summer fades into fall.

If you’re packing up the family car for one more camping trip, you want to make sure you have everything you need to make it count. By this point in the summer, you should have you gear ready to go, but here are a few essentials that will make you review your checklist: CFDA AWARDS DRESSES CELEBRITY OCCASION DRESSES

  • Food is an important part of any vacation, and when you’re planning a camping trip grilling is top of the list. I usually recommend packing at least two coolers – one for food and one for drinks, but I just came across this great organizer and I think it’s perfect for camping. The Trunk Organizer with Cooler is ideal for a family get away. The cooler is perfect for hot dogs, burgers and more while the multitude of pockets and cubbies house any shelf stable snacks like fresh fruit, chips and bottles. It’s an organizers dream come true, honestly. It fits perfect in any hatch or trunk and doesn’t need to be removed once you’ve set up camp. Keep foods in the trunk and there’s no need to worry about pesky animals snacking on your dinner. Even add jumper cables and other travel necessities. If you need more room for drinks, add another cooler.
  • When you have the whole family at one camp site, it is important to create usable space. Pop up canopies are a huge help in this area. Canopies help create shelter without getting in your tent or camper. Set up a table and chairs, maybe keep your coolers under it – whatever you want to do. Just make sure you have it anchored down!
  • One of the biggest realizations I have had while camping over the years is the simplest: trash. Sometimes you end up with food waste or empty wrappers, but it’s not terribly convenient to dispose of properly. Plus, you don’t want to keep it out or just in a trash bag because then you invite animals to your site. The best solution I have found is utilizing a plastic storage bin. Find one that seals real tight and use it to keep empty cans or bottles, trash, food and more until you can get to a garbage can.

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Make laundry easier on yourself

Laundry doesn’t have to be a chore. Well, not a begrudging one at least. Proper storage and organization can cut down the time you spend in the laundry room.


laundry2Create a proper home for cleaning supplies with a storage cart. This model fits perfectly between the washer and dryer, creating a convenient and out-of-eye-sight solution. This three tier laundry cart takes up just eight inches of space in width. Store softener sheets, detergent, an iron, bleach and more safely.laundry1

Keep the ironing board tucked out of sight too with a holder or hanger. This wall mounted hanger holds your ironing board upright when folded. This piece features a top basket too, perfect for storing your iron, spray starch and more.


This contemporary laundry sorter includes four canvas bags that hang from a solid metal frame. Wire handles make it super simple to add and remove bags when transporting laundry throughout the home. Rolling and locking casters make it so easy to load clothes in the wash straight from the bags. This piece is a must-have for family homes with piles of laundry.laundry3


Cut down the time you spending folding clothes, too. Thanks to this shirt folder, you can quicken the process of getting clean clothes back in their rightful place. This folder is made from durable plastic, so it is sure to work for years. The non-slip surface is easy to use for big and small hands alike. Utilizing this folder helps reduce wrinkles too!laundry4


If you’re looking to save money on supplies, consider making your own detergent.

What you need:

  • Fels Naptha Bar Soap
  • Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
  • Borax
  • Essential oils if desired

What you do:

  • Grate bar soap with microplane
  • Add one cup borax
  • Add one cupsoda
  • Mix in food processor until combined as one powder
  • Add essential oils if desired; not necessary
  • Add two tablespoons to each load of laundry

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Essentials to Keep Your Locker Organized

The longer the school year goes on, the more unorganized your locker becomes. Whether you have the locker yourself, or you are helping your son or daughter find the right locker organizers for this school year, you probably have the same goal: stay neat, organized, and don’t lose your homework!

Between the books, folders, notebooks, and loose papers, your locker can easily become a mess. Most locker space is limited, so you need to find items to organize your locker but also make it look fun and different from all the other lockers. Here are some items we recommend to do both!



Magnetic Pencil Bins- Perfect for keeping your pens and pencils in order. These bins come in many colors and patterns to fit your unique style!



Magnets! – Colorful magnets are perfect for holing any important papers, notes, or reminders on your locker door to keep you on your toes throughout the day!




Locker Shelves – Add more layers to your space and seperate books and folders by different school subjects or put folders on one level and books on the other.




Here is another item that you would normally find in your closet. Give this a shot and repurpose the classic Closet Divder. This item is perfect for dividing in you locker and seperating papers from books. The transparent acrylic makes it perfect to see exactly what youre grabbing from all angles so there is no mix up before classes.



Dress it up and make it fun! Here are some new products that are sure to add a little personality to your school locker: LED Chandelier, Magnetic Mirror, and Locker Rug.

For more locker organizers or back to school essentials, check them out here!


Be the Hostest with the Mostest

When hosting friends and family, I think we all have that drive, almost maternal, to make sure our guests are as comfortable as we can make them. Even if we secretly hope they will choose a hotel next time instead (hey, it happens!), there’s something about having someone living in your home for a night or weekend that makes you want to impress. Here are some ideas to get you started on your way to being that girl…the hostest with the mostest (okay, I promise I won’t say it again).

Topher Wall Mount Arch Fireplace
Nothing says cozy winter gatherings than a fireplace. This one mounts to the wall and is quite inexpensive.
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Qhick Tip: Getting Ready For Christmas

Holiday Card KeeperWhen I wanted to write about Christmas this week, I wondered if it was too early.Then I saw two Christmas posts on a couple of my favorite “intentional living” blogs and I felt like I was in good company.  So… onwards and upwards.

When you think about Christmas, what are the aspects that overwhelm you and stress you out?

For me, it’s not knowing what’s happening.

I’m a girl who loves a plan and I like to know who’s hosting the lunch and what I have to bring.

I also like to have clear in my mind what we’re doing about gifts and cards. Read more

Freak of the week Nomination: Shannon from Yellowfence Blog

workspaceI have the best FREAK of the WEEK! She is the most organized person I have ever met. I used to teach organizational classes for a living, and she makes me look messy. Very messy. Her closets in her house have EVERYTHING in labeled boxes. You could eat off the floor at all times. If I ask her what she is doing tonight, she checks her list and tells me.

She is my organizational hero! Read more

Freak of the Week Nomination: Charlene Anderson


Here’s a photo that shows what I
did with some of the beads.

I have to nominate myself as Freak of the Week. I just got in a shipment of 25 pounds of glass beads, mixed colors, sizes and styles. You can imagine how many beads are in 25 pounds. Well, I turned on the Tivo, got a lot of small boxes, and sorted every single one of those beads.

If that wasn’t obsessive enough, I then washed, with a sieve, each of the boxes I had sorted. After I dried them, I put them in clear zip top bags and stored them in my library card file (I purchased them when our library went computerized) by color, and of course the drawers are labeled with a Brother P-touch labeler.

Yes, excessive; yes, over the top; yes, even a bit freaky; but I can find just what I want in seconds! Here’s a photo that shows what I did with some of the beads.

Submitted by Charlene Anderson