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Cedar Closet Fresheners, Lint Rollers & Clothing Care, Natural Moth Repellents

Keep your clothes looking their best always with something from our Clothing Care and Closet Fresheners store. From natural moth and insect repellents to the best lint brushes and rollers, we can help you extend the life of your favorite clothing with just a little help from some great products! These products are all affordable and all easy to use!

Closet Fresheners & Insect Repellents

Cedar is always a great choice for the closet. The natural benefits of cedar are so nice, some people even have their entire closet cedar lined. Cedar is a natural insect repellent, so if you have wool clothing that is prone to moth damage, cedar sachets, blocks and hangers can help you, without using any harmful chemicals. Cedar also has a wonderful scent to it, every time you open your closet you will get a whiff of that fresh, earthy smell. A great alternative to cedar is lavender. Our lavender sachets have a wonderful smell, and also deter moths and insects away from your clothes. Tip: If your cedar seems to have lost its aroma, simply sand it lightly to renew the scent.

Clothing Care

To look your best everyday, you will want to invest in a few inexpensive clothing care items. Lint brushes have long been a favorite in getting tiny lint particles off of your jackets, dresses and shirts. If you have pets, you may need something a little stickier - try a lint roller with sticky tape to remove hair and lint from your clothes. Sweater stones help get tough pills off of your sweaters.

Moisture in the Closet

Don't let moisture get you down! Damp check domes help keep moisture under control in closets and under cabinets by absorbing extra moisture in the air, which you can then pour down the drain every so often. No more mildew smells in the closet!
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