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Clothes Hangers for Skirts, Blouses, Jackets & More

The right Clothes Hanger can make a big difference in the lifespan of your clothes. To make clothes last longer, they should be hung on the proper hanger, one that won't pinch, tear, or slip the fabric. We have a large selection for you, everything from skirt hangers to tiered slacks racks and specialty items for belts, scarves and accessories! All of our selection is priced competitively, with everything from inexpensive plastic hanger sets to deluxe hardwood models. Clothes piling up on the floor is no longer a problem, with sturdy clips and clamps and non-slip technology that includes the use of vinyl and friction materials.

Metal Hangers

Metal hangers are very sturdy, designed to hold extra weight - which is why they are great for multi-level, tiered racks for pants, blouses and skirts and many of them are coated with friction fabric so they won't slip off. A swing arm slacks hanger offers the greatest convenience, simply unlatch the hook for the pair of pants you want, remove and re-latch when you are done! Deluxe skirt hangers come with super strong clips that are padded so they won't dent or poke holes in your work clothes.

Accessory Hangers

Looking for something more unique? Check out our accessory hangers, which hold ties, belts and scarves, safe and secure off the floor! These hangers save space by making use of wasted vertical space in the closet. A few of these specialty products can go a long way in organizing your closet.

Wooden Hangers

For a more upscale, uniform look in the closet, select elegant, wooden hangers. Our fine wood selection includes natural, cherry and even eco-friendly bamboo! To keep moths and insects away, try cedar hangers. Cedar wood is a natural insect repellent and smells delicious every time you open your closet! Hangers for suits, shirts, skirts and pants clamps can all be found here in our easy-to-navigate categories.
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