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Hanging Closet Organizers, Hanging Shelves and Over the Rod Organizers

A Hanging Closet Organizer makes the best use of your closet storage space! These are great inventions in the world of organizing because they can give you any type of storage, from shoe racks to sweater shelves, accessories racks and all purpose closet organizers by using what is already in your closet: a closet rod! Over the Rod Organizers are very easy to use, they either hang on the closet rod using a hanger (just like clothes hangers) or with a long piece of Velcro. These extra large Velcro pieces make it so that you can load these shelves with clothes without the organizer slipping or breaking. Most of these organizers come pre-assembled (check each item for details on assembly level). Hat racks offer additional storage for baseball cap fans. Don't forget to make the most of your space with over the door organizers, which can be used to hold everything from shoes to scarves and more!

Hanging Closet Shelves

In the closet, sometimes shelves are needed more than hanging space. For example, if you don't have a traditional dresser for folded clothes, you will want to set up some type of shelving in the closet, so you aren't hanging your jeans on hangers every time you do laundry! An over the rod organizer can simply be a column of shelves, just wide enough for folded sweaters, t-shirts or pants. This is great for clothes, but also a good place to keep purses and shoes. Choose from natural canvas sweater shelves and more lively Black and White Damask, Flower burst and more patterns - fun for grownups and teens alike! A hanging canvas dress closet keeps dress clothes safe from moths but allows for breathability. Hanging closet organizers labeled Monday thru Friday are great for kids - have them lay out a week's worth of clothes to battle lengthy morning rituals!

Hanging Accessories Organizers and more!

Specially designed hangers for accessories keep scarves, belts and more off the floor and on the hanger, where they belong! Choose from chrome closet hooks for belts, scarf hangers and the space saving Wardrobe Wizard, to name just a few!
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