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Metal Closet Hangers, Metal Clothes Hangers, Metal Hangers!

Our selection of hangers is unmatched on the internet! With over 100 hangers, including over 20 Metal Closet Hangers from which to choose, you are sure to find the right hangers to outfit your closet! Metal hangers are as sturdy as wood hangers, but usually more affordable. You may remember your clothes slipping off of the metal dry cleaners hangers before. This is not a problem with all the non slip technology that is added to metal hangers now. We have compiled a great collection of these hangers, ready and waiting for you to get your closet organized once and for all! Specialty hangers include the add on blouse hangers, where you hang a metal closet hanger from a hanger to make the most use of vertical storage space.

Hangers with Clamps

One way to keep clothes off the floor and on the hangers where they belong is with built in clamps (clothespins) on metal hangers. These aren't just any clamps, they are very strong, and usually also have some kind of rubber non slip material on them as well. These are great for pants, slacks and skirts - anything with a waist where you don't mind clamping. They don't work as well with shirts because they may leave clamp marks, however many of the skirt hangers do double duty with a traditional hanger for shirts incorporated into it.

Non Slip Hangers

If you don't want to use clamps, another great option is to check out some of the non slip hangers that are available today. We have rubber and vinyl styles in cool colors, they add extra grip, great especially for slippery fabrics like silk. Another new type of hanger has a foam friction material that promises to reduce slippage. Whatever type of clothes you are trying to hang, you will find a great product in our metal hangers section!
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