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Closet Double Rods, Closet Rods, Tension Rods, Double Hang Rods and more Closet Organizers!

A Double Rod gives you more room in the closet! No matter what age or what your level of interest in fashion is, you will, at some point fill up your closet. At least you will think you have filled your closet, and you will be looking for ways to make more space for your clothes. A Closet Double Rod is by far the single best thing you can do to maximize storage in the closet. And, the good news is, these handy inventions are very inexpensive and easy to install. Most Closet Double Rods come almost totally assembled (check each individual product for assembly level required), and are also on the cheap end of the closet organizing spectrum.

Closet Double Rods

Hang a closet rod from a closet rod and what do you have? Twice the hanging space! Most closets are set up poorly in terms of space efficiency, with blouses, short skirts and men's clothes hanging on single bars with absolutely nothing underneath! That means that all that space under those shorter clothes is being wasted. A closet doubling rod solves this problem instantly. It hangs directly from the rod that is already in your closet using hooks, just like you would see on a hanger. Then you can hang more short clothes on the bottom rod, maximizing closet space with virtually no effort and very little money! TIP: Use a closet doubler in the kids' room, since all of their clothes are short.

Closet Rods

If you don't have a closet rod, you can solve that problem easily by simply installing one yourself. We have tension closet rods that require no drilling into the walls - great if you are a renter. Another great use for tension closet rods is in the laundry room - hang one over your washer and dryer (if you have two walls) and that way you can hang dry shirts, towels and more!
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