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Hanging Shoe Organizers & Over the Closet Rod Shoe Racks!

Hanging Shoe Organizers have been around for years, and the styles and designs have only gotten better during that time! For over 20 years, we have been pioneers in the home organizing world, and over the rod closet organizers is no exception! Hanging Shoe Racks are one of the most space efficient ways, just like over the door shoe racks, to store shoes and accessories, but they do so in a different way. An over the door shoe rack uses the space on the door that is usually wasted for storage purposes. And, an over the rod shoe rack uses wasted closet space to provide storage for shoes. Most closets are already filled wall to wall, maxed out with clothing. But, if you have just six inches of hanging space in your closet, then you can store up to ten pairs of shoes in that six inches. That's because these organizers use the vertical space below your hanging closet rod, which is often wasted by hanging short skirts and blouses. To keep your best shoes free from dust, moisture and insects, shoe boxes are the way to go. And to really maximize your shoe storage with an item that is easy to use, we have innovative and inexpensive shoe cubbies in abundance!

Canvas, Mesh and Cedar Lined Shoe Racks

Over the rod shoe racks are very easy to use, and come in two forms. Some racks use hangers, just like your metal clothes hangers, to hang over the closet rod. Others use a very large piece of Velcro material to wrap around the bar. We also have a variety of materials used in these hanging shoe bags. Mesh is great for breathability, allowing fresh air to circulate around your shoes, reducing odor buildup. Canvas is a very popular choice, as it is a very sturdy fabric, and is updated with fun colors, trendy stripes and more for the whole family. Another great choice for shoe racks in general is cedar, and we have a cedar lined over the rod shoe organizer that keeps pests away and has a beautiful aroma, perfect for keeping shoe odor to a minimum.
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