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Over Door Shoe Rack & OTD Shoe Organizers!

An Over Door Shoe Rack is the most space efficient shoe storage solution! These handy space savers fit neatly over the back of the door using specially designed hooks, and hold anywhere from eight pairs to over forty pairs of shoes, depending on the design of the shoe rack. These shoe organizers come in all shapes, materials and sizes, from hard metal and wire racks to mesh and canvas models, but each is easy to install and easy to use. One benefit of over the door shoe racks is that they are easy enough that even kids will use them. Children love to sort things, and they will love to put a shoe in each pocket, especially with extra long racks that span the length of the door, so that they can reach the lower levels. Adults also find these racks easier to use than some, and there is no bending or lifting required! To learn the basics of shoe racks, here are some more great tips, including suggestions for every type of shoe storage need. To gain even more shoe storage space, hanging shoe racks fit right over the clothes bar in your closet!

Metal OTD Shoe Racks

Metal over the door shoe racks are very sturdy and very neat looking. Since each shoe has its own spot, there is no overstuffing or cluttered closet problems here. There are two types of metal shoe racks that fit on the door. The first type uses wire to create a tongue for each shoe to sit on. These come in sizes ranging from six to eighteen pairs of shoes, and are very easy to use. They also make choosing an outfit easy, as each shoe is laid out for you to see. Another type of metal rack feature rods that create shoe shelves, so you can slide a pair of shoes onto the shelves, and it allows you to customize your storage potential, with racks that hold up to 36 pairs of shoes! Whatever your choice, shoe racks of all types help to keep your home neat and tidy!

Pocket Organizers for Shoes and More!

Over the door pocket organizers are great for holding shoes, and much more! Use these mesh organizers in almost any area of the home for a more organized and tidy look. In the kitchen pantry, pockets can hold sauce mixes, oven mitts and more. In the bathroom, these organizers are great for holding hair products, toiletries - especially useful in large families, roommates and other shared bathroom homes.
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