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Plastic Clothes Hangers, Plastic Hanger Sets!

Plastic Hangers are a favorite in closets everywhere because they are easy to find and inexpensive. Many plastic hangers have also been updated with friction and non slip materials so that they do a really good job keeping clothes off the floor and on the closet rod, where they belong! Plastic is great for making all types of hangers, including Blouse Hangers, Skirt and Pants hangers and more. They are also great for kids' clothes, since they won't be using them forever, this is a very affordable option for organizing the children's closet. We even have special children's hangers that extend the life of their clothes, avoiding stretching. Check out our great selection of plastic hanger sets, available in all types, sizes and colors, from white to clear and blue to red!

Dress, Skirt and Suit Hangers

To really keep things tidy in the closet, non slip hangers and padded hangers are a great helper. These hangers come in many different forms. Some are coated with a friction foam material, great for giving a little extra grip to slippery silk shirts and blouses. Some use a different kind of plastic to grip clothes, and some use extra strong clamps. Soft grip friction hangers look like wood, but grip like glue! Whatever the method, a non slip hanger is a great investment in the closet, as it will save you time from having to clean clothes up from the closet floor, money in damaged clothes, and a big headache every morning when you start your day!

Clear Plastic Hangers

For an affordable alternative to beautiful wood hangers, look no further than our crystal clear plastic hanger sets. These hangers look almost like crystal, and, when filling a closet from wall to wall, look very clean, elegant and organized, just like wooden hangers but at a fraction of the price. Choose from traditional blouse and coat hangers, plus more options including pants and skirt hangers, suit hangers and more!
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