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Closet Shelf Organizers, Shelf Dividers, Stacking Shelves, Bins & more!

A Closet Shelf Organizer makes the most of built in closet shelves above the rod. We have compiled a great selection of Closet Shelf Organizers designed specifically with closet shelves in mind. Choose one of our shelf organizers to help you make the most of that storage space above the closet rod! From shelf dividers to bins and more shelves to put on top of that shelf, we've got a wide variety of closet organizers to get you started.

Shelf Dividers and Cubbies

One of the best ways to organize the top of your closet is with cubbies. Cubbies can be purchased already assembled, or you can make them yourself simply by using shelf dividers. Shelf dividers are available in stainless steel, white coated wire and even plastic. Metal shelf dividers are very easy to use and require no drilling or screws, simply slide them onto the existing wooden shelf and space them as far apart as you like to create a custom closet organizer. This is a great way to keep stacks of folded sweaters and jeans from toppling over. When each type of clothes has its own divided section, finding the right piece is a cinch! Our plastic Slide n Stax dividers are each a small cubby of their own. Choose the size and line them up to keep folded clothes in line. Shoes and purses do great in cubbies, and we have different styles and sizes to choose from. These have configurations ranging from even spaced cubbies to a variety of different sizes, perfect for shoes, socks and accessories.

Stacking Bins and Shelves

Another great way to divide that space at the top of the closet is with more shelves! Our wire stacking shelves can be stacked on top of the existing closet shelf, a great way to keep sweaters, pants and more divided, and it helps to keep them off the floor as well.
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