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Storage Drawers, Iris Plastic Drawers, Drawer Units, Dressers and more!

Storage Drawers are great for every room, from the garage to the closet! We have a large variety of sizes, materials and styles, so you are sure to find the right drawers for your needs! Storage drawers can hold anything from clothes to towels, from makeup to screws and nails!

Large Plastic Drawer Units

Large plastic drawer units find a home in many different areas of the house. In the garage, these drawers can be used instead of a metal toolbox. Since they roll on casters, they are easy to move in and out of the way when you need them. Store drills, screwdrivers and other home improvement tools in the large drawers, and screws and nails in the smaller ones. A Drawer Divider can help to keep hardware organized. In the office, a medium sized drawer unit can provide office supply storage, while not taking up too much space. And, in the closet or bedroom, a large drawer system makes an inexpensive dresser for teens and college students.

Small Plastic Drawer Units

Small plastic drawers are great in just as many rooms as large ones! In the bathroom, tiny drawers hold barrettes, makeup and jewelry. On the kitchen counter, these drawers can act as a bill sorter, with checks, stamps and pens in one drawer, and credit card receipts in another - no more piles on the counter! We have great drawer units from Iris, Sterilite and many more to get your whole home organized!

Wicker Storage Drawers

For a more permanent and stylish option, check out our selection of wicker and wood drawers and baskets. These units make a beautiful furniture piece in the bedroom or bathroom! In the bathroom, stack guest towels, soaps and extra toilet tissue in one drawer, and your hairdryer and makeup in another. The wicker baskets are beautiful, giving your home a relaxed, yet elegant feel!
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