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Solid Wood Hangers, Wooden Hanger Sets, Bamboo and Cedar Hangers!

For the ultimate luxury in closet organizing, a Solid Wood Hanger Set can't be beat! A closet filled with matching Wood Hangers adds an element of elegance to what is normally just thought of as a storage space. Need more reasons to consider wood hangers? They are more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts. They are beautiful. They will last a lifetime, so the investment is really worth it when you consider how long you will own them. We have beautiful wood hangers in all colors, shapes and sizes, from cherry wood to natural pine, cedar and more! Bamboo hangers are a very eco friendly choice, since bamboo is a renewable natural resource. From wooden skirt hanger clamps to wooden pants hangers, kids hangers and more, we've got a great selection for you to browse!

Solid Wood Hangers

Solid wood hangers are beautiful in the closet, and really have a nice way of showcasing your favorite clothes. Dark cherry wood is a nice choice for hanging your finest business attire and more. For a more modern, youthful look, natural wood hangers do the trick, accompanied by modern, youthful clothes, of course. For blouses and shirts, a very simple hanger will do the job. For men's and women's suits, a suit hanger has a place for both the coat and slacks, which are held either by clamps or a swing arm. Skirts can be stored with clamp style hangers or hangers with heavy duty clips. And, black wooden hangers with ribbed slacks bars are great for Men's suits. We've been organizing closets for more than 20 years, check out our entire line of Closet Organizers for more great ideas!

Cedar Clothes Hangers

In the closet, cedar is a popular choice because it has many natural qualities that are very beneficial to a wardrobe. Cedar is a natural insect repellent, great if you have a problem with moths. Cedar also has a very beautiful aroma to it, which combats a musty closet smell, mildew smells and more. Check out our clothing care store with cedar and other options. Tip:To renew the aroma of cedar, simply sand it lightly with a fine sandpaper.
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