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Remote Caddy, Remote Control Caddies, Sofa Remote Organizers and more!

A Remote Control Caddy provides a simple solution if you are tired of digging under chairs and couch cushions. With a designated place to place the remote, everyone in the family will know where to leave it for the next person. Even young children can understand this concept, as they love to organize, putting their toys in special bins and more. We have a great selection of tried and true television remote organizers, from free standing units to sofa mounted styles. Check out our collection and tips on how to use below.

Table Top Remote Caddies

Keep these organizers right on your TV stand or, better yet, on the end table next to the couch, so your remote will be there when you need it most! A remote caddy can be just as elegant as your furniture. Faux leather is a popular choice to enhance your elegant home decor. We have simple black faux leather remote organizers and deluxe spinning brown leather models. For the most contemporary look, a chic remote control holder keeps remotes upright and separated, begging you to reach and use them! A clear acrylic organizer is another affordable option, and includes separate pockets for pens and a small magazine or television guide.

Sofa Organizers

Canvas and cloth sofa organizers provide one place for all of the activities that you like to do while relaxing on the couch, including reading, TV watching and more! These cloth organizers have an extra long piece of material which hangs over the arm of your chair or couch, and an organizer on the other end. With multiple pockets, you can keep a folded magazine, crossword puzzle book, pens and your remote controls all within arms reach. Bonus: These organizers also work well on the bedside, in between your mattress and box spring!
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