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This is one stop shopping for all of your Kids Bedroom Collection needs. Most of our collections are sold separately, so you can choose the exact pieces to fit your child's bedroom furniture needs! Choose from a variety of sizes, styles, finishes, prices and more to find the very best kids furniture for your little one. Each collection is listed on a single page, but each item is sold separately. Each collection is different - so you can sit with your child and first let them choose the style that they like. Little girls love our white and pink furniture sets, which take them into the teen years effortlessly. Little boys will enjoy the shiver me timbers pirate style bedroom pieces, which offer everything from a sunken toy chest to dresser mirrors and more. For a more traditional style, hardwood and veneered pieces are available in some of the collections.

Bunk Beds, Lofts and Multi Use Furniture

In the kids room, making the most of the space you have is critical, but not always easy. Look for multi use furniture, like bunk beds, trundle beds and loft beds among our collections to get the most storage space possible. A loft bed over a desk is great for young students, giving them a place to work and play during the day, and a place to sleep up above without taking up any extra floor space in their bedroom. Some units even have a built-in closet, perfect for adding extra clothes storage where needed. A trundle bed or storage bed can house either an extra bed for sleepovers, or storage drawers for clothes, toys and more. And bunk beds are a favorite with kids and parents alike, great for homes where siblings share a room, or for overnight sleepovers with little friends! Choose from twin/twin models, or beds with conversion kits to make the bottom bunk a full size bed.
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