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Bunk Beds, Loft Beds and more Kids Bedroom Furniture!

Every child dreams of having a set of Bunk Beds. They are a fun way to set up any children's bedroom, and can be used into the teen years. While children love these beds because they are fun, parents love them for even more reasons! Bed bunks utilize a classic space saving strategy to create space efficient furniture in the bedroom. By utilizing vertical space, bunk beds and loft beds give you extra sleep area or work area, without taking up any extra floor space. Check out our selection of bunk beds, loft beds and more space efficient kids furniture, always at the best prices!

Bunk Beds

Our selection of bunk beds has something for every bedroom style. Wood is a popular choice, as it lends a very traditional look, but updated with more modern functions. Some bunk beds are made to be separated, so you can use them separately as two twin beds, or together as bunk beds, great for siblings that as they grow up. Other models feature twin to full conversion kits, so you can turn the bottom bunk into a full sized bed, also a great choice as children grow into their teen years. (NOTE: Each bed is different, check each individual model for details). For a fun, modern look, a metal bunk bed set is a great option - choose from white, black and even gray to create a monster garage theme.

Loft Beds

Loft beds are a great option for small rooms, as it allows you to pack tons of useful furniture into one small piece. Some loft beds have desks underneath, perfect for encouraging good study habits early on, to last through high school and beyond. Larger loft beds can house even more storage and furniture, like the Powell Rustica Bunk Bed which has two beds, a dresser, a desk and even an armoire - a true all in one bedroom organizer.
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