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Printer Stands, Office Cabinets & Rolling Printer Stands!

A Printer Stand is a very important piece of office furniture, yet it is often forgotten about. In the home office, a printer stand has many functions. First and foremost, a safe place to set your printer. But also, a very stylish printer stand can act as another piece of your office decor and theme, just like every other piece of furniture in the office. Another benefit to printer stands is that they usually offer additional office storage for paper and office supplies. In the professional office, all of the above qualities still apply, plus more. A printer stand can go a long way towards getting an office organized and more. This is especially important in larger offices where several people share a printer. And don't forget other electronics, printer stands can also hold fax machines, scanners and more. TIP: To see if your electronics will fit on the top of the stand, simply measure the base of your fax or copy machine and compare with the listed dimensions of the product on our site.

Rolling Printer Stands

In small offices, whether at home or in the professional world, a rolling printer stand is a great choice. Because it is mounted on sturdy casters, you can roll this printer in when you need it and out of the way when you are finished. This can be a great asset in an office that doubles as a meeting room, for example, and in a home office where the printer spends time in front of the closet door, because when the visitors arrive, you can simply push it into the closet to create a guest room!

Cabinet Style Printer Stands

To really maximize office storage at home or at work, an office cabinet makes the best kind of printer stand! These cabinets are larger than their rolling counterparts, and have much more storage capacity to offer - perfect for files, office supplies and those stacks of copy paper that always seem to be in the way!