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Office Storage Cabinets, Freestanding & Hutch Style Cabinets for Office Supplies!

For larger offices, whether at home or in the working world, an Office Storage Cabinet is a must have. These handy cabinets are just like garage cabinets, but with more indoor design appeal. We have beautiful cabinets designed to hold office supplies and more from Kathy Ireland Home, Sauder and more expert furniture designers. Hutch cabinets sit right on your desk, a truly space efficient way to store office supplies and more, without taking up any floor space in your room. Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and prices, from glass doors to wood and beautiful veneers. For an elegant, traditional look, dark cherry wood veneers are a good choice. For a more modern look, espresso and maple are both available, with steel hardware for contemporary style. And, in the home office, oak is a good choice to match the feel of your home decor.

Large Freestanding Cabinets

Large freestanding office cabinets offer the most in the way of office storage. These large cabinets have a large variety of features inside, from adjustable shelves to fixed shelves, drawers and more. An open style cabinet is great for holding stacks of printer paper and baskets of supplies. A cabinet with file drawers does double duty, providing filing storage and also office supply storage shelves all in one piece. Some cabinets are available with locks for added security in the office (Check each individual model for details).

Printer Stand Cabinets

Table height cabinets can serve many purposes in the office. These shorter cabinets offer ample office storage space, and at the same time, are a great place to set printers, scanners, fax machines and more. Instead of cluttering your desk with a printer, a small cabinet provides a designated printer place, with storage underneath for printer paper. This is a great choice in small offices with shared electronics.