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Outdoor Benches | Patio Bench | Garden Bench

Every garden and outdoor space should be equipped with Outdoor Benches. Our selection is unmatched in style, size and affordability, with everything from basic wooden garden benches to Vis a Tete and many more ideas. A bench is an important part of an outdoor furniture plan, don't forget to pick one that matches your style, comfort and pricing needs. On the patio, a simple bench can be used for extra seating alongside your entertaining area, or even pulled up to the outdoor table in a pinch.

Outdoor Storage Benches

To get the most out of your patio furniture, an outdoor storage bench provides three things: style, function (seating) and storage. Outdoor storage benches are available in different materials, wood gives a classic, outdoor look while plastic is easy to clean and water resistant. Store outdoor cushions, candles, outdoor decor items and even a throw blanket for summer evenings in these chests. In family oriented homes, kids can toss their outdoor toys into a large storage bench before heading inside for the night!

Outdoor Benches and Loveseats

We have a wide variety of outdoor benches and loveseats to enhance or complement your current outdoor living decor. Wood is a popular choice, as it fits in with natural settings. Use wooden benches under trees in the garden, or at the side of your yard. A great alternative to wood benches is metal, and we have beautiful scrolled old fashioned style benches from Jack Post and more, with verdigris finishes to match the antique theme. For a tropical feel, a natural woven back and seat add a whimsical flair to wooden patio benches.

Tree Benches and more Unique Bench Ideas

Looking for something more out of the ordinary? A tree bench wraps around the bottom trunk of a tree, small or large, ensuring that you have a shady place to sit and enjoy the garden. Planter benches are held up on either side by beautiful cedar planter boxes, providing a beautiful, natural seating arrangement for all. And the convert a bench goes from garden bench to picnic table with ease.
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