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Home Garage Cabinets, Garage Storage Cabinets, Wall Cabinets and more!

Home Garage Cabinets galore! For a permanent solution to clutter and disorganized storage, check out our wide selection. Each home garage cabinet is designed with style, function and affordability in mind. Garage cabinets have been around forever, but newer, sturdier more customizable models are more available now, and more affordable than ever. Choose from modular garage storage cabinets, where you decide the sizes, amounts and configurations to get a custom garage organizer, and tried and true metal tool chests and much more!

Wall Cabinets

In the garage, taking advantage of storage space on the wall is a must. If you have run out of floor space, moving those stored items up onto the walls will free up room for your cars, tools, plus, inevitably additional stored items. We have modular storage systems for the garage that include wall mounted cabinets. You choose the amount of cabinets, styles and sizes so that you can customize the organizer to your storage needs. TIP: Even if you think you don't have the wall space, consider mounting a row of wall cabinets above six feet, so that you can still fit parked cars and more in there. Since most garages have a ladder somewhere in them, this is a useful storage option.

Tool Chests and Cabinets

Freestanding cabinets in the garage come in all shapes, sizes, materials and prices. Metal tool chests are very popular because of their durability. It is hard to argue that metal makes one of the sturdiest cabinets, and you don't feel bad dinging it when storing tools. Plastic is also a great option, very sturdy and affordable. Plastic tool chests are easy to clean and have an attractive wood look to them. And, for a good old fashioned style, wood and pressed board cabinets are a great option in every garage. This and more tool organizers can be found at Stacks & Stacks!
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