Miscellaneous Car Accessories


Anti Theft Steering Wheel Devices, Road Side Kits, Flashlights and more!

Find all the Auto Accessories you need to get you from A to B in style, comfort and, most importantly, safely! We have a great selection of auto organizers for the car, 12 Volt Accessories and many more unique inventions, designed for safe and fun car travel. From clear licensed plate covers with frames, to keep your personalized license plate clean to wide rear view mirror add-ons for safety, we've got something for every driver, from the everyday commuter to the weekend bargain shopper. Check out our selection of great auto accessories without ever leaving the house!

Car Safety Devices

A steering wheel anti theft device deters car thieves of all levels and abilities, great for keeping your car safe. For keeping you safe, we have roadside emergency kits, ready for most car emergencies. A portable LED work light is great if you get stuck changing a flat in the dark, and a hitch safe key vault hides a spare key in the hitch, where no one but you will be able to find it! A mechanic's tool set is a great thing to keep in the trunk, it has all the essential car related tools you will need.

Fun Gadgets for the Car

If you frequent the Dry Cleaner's, then you need a safe place to hang your clean clothes on your way home. We have some great options for this, including an auto clothes bar, clothes carrier, and many more gadgets to use in your car everyday! To keep your phone handy, use a simple magnet that mounts to your dashboard, no more dangerous digging through your purse to find your mobile. A personal fridge acts as both a cooler for your lunch on the go, and also a center console. Find unique items like this and many more in our online Auto Accessories Store.
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