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Portable Battery Chargers, Tire Inflators, Flashlights, Tools and more!

Be prepared while on the go with our selection of Auto Emergency Supplies. Our selection includes everything you need to feel safe on day trips, night trips, to and from work, and long road trips alike! A great place to start with auto emergency supplies is a gas can. An extra few gallons of gas can save a lot of trouble, hassle and danger. Our 5-gallon gas can is great to keep in the trunk of the car for emergency gas needs, so that you don't have to run out when you need it most! Other accessories include emergency radios and flashlights, and a variety of tools that work right from the cigarette lighter of your car. Check out our selection today for safer, more reliable car travel tomorrow.

Portable Chargers, Inflators and Roadside Tools

If you never want to get stranded, a portable battery charger is a must have in any vehicle. These tools instantly start your battery, with no other car or jumper cables required. Some portable emergency stations include power stations also, so you can run radios, charge cell phones and more right from the convenience of your own car. 12-volt air compressors are a real life saver, inflating flat tires in just a few minutes without a trip to the garage or gas station. Roadside tool kits are set up to have almost everything you need to get you from A to B safely.

Flashlights and Radios

Emergency flashlights and radios are important for the home, and also the car. You never know when you are going to need a flashlight in the dark on the road, so don't be caught without one! The superbright LED and halogen hand held flashlight is one great choice, as it gives you the bright light that you need during the dark hours. The dynamo radio features a flashlight and radio, so you can stay informed in the case of an emergency, and runs on a hand crank.
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