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Auto Seat Cushions


Auto Seat Cushions, Car Massage Seats, Orthopedic Cushions and more!

For car trips and long commutes, find the most comfort while you drive with a specially designed Auto Seat Cushion in our auto accessories store. We have a great selection of car seat cushions, with everything from general orthopedic cushions to massage seats and more, all designed to get you from A to B with the most comfort possible! Sitting in the car for hours on end can cause pain in every part of your body, from circulation problems in the lower legs and feet to neck and back pain. Well designed auto seat cushions can relieve much of this needless pain, to make car travel more enjoyable than ever before!

Car Seat Massagers

Full size seat cushions come with a variety of different features. In the summer, the summer seat is a self cooling car seat cushion, so that each time you get in your hot car, your body is the first thing to be cooled down. By contrast, in the winter, a heated seat cushion warms your body up almost instantly, so you don't have to wait for the engine to warm up for relief from cold winter air. And, most people agree that a car seat massager is wonderful year-round. Different models include full massages, vibrating features and much more!

Gel Seat Cushions and Orthopedic Cushions

Orthopedic foam cushions are designed to relieve driving fatigue by reducing stress to the tailbone. Sitting in a car seat for hours or even just too many minutes can reduce circulation, and cause aching in the tailbone area. Relieve that pressure by taking the weight off of the tailbone with an orthopedic cushion. A nice alternative to these is gel seat cushions, which provide a gel cushioned area, very soft and perfect for long and short trips. For another level of luxury, microsuede covered seat cushions are also available.
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