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Home Garage Mats, Garage Floor Mats, Garage Flooring

Home garage mats protect your garage floor. There are many benefits of garage floor mats that may surprise you. The most obvious purpose of a garage floor mat is to keep your garage floor clean, free of the stains that spilled oil, coolant and other car fluids tend to make. Another benefit of these mats is safety. Oil slicks in the garage can be slippery, and a fall on concrete can be dangerous. With the motor oil contained to the floor mat, you don't have to worry about slipping on the concrete. These mats are also easy to clean. They can be swept, hosed off or squeegeed to easily clean them, a lot easier than using chemicals to clean oil off of concrete. Another nice thing about a home garage mat is that it can clearly mark your parking space. This can help you from pulling in too far or not far enough into the garage, and also keep you and your parking space neighbor from dinging each other's doors. Our traditional vinyl mats do a great job at keeping the garage floor clean. They are thick, heavy duty and do not allow moisture to seep through to the floor. We have many different sizes available for every size vehicle, from motorcycles and golf carts to full size SUVs. Black is popular choice, and is updated with red, yellow and more colored frames. Ribbed garage floor mats feature up to 75 mil ribbed tread, to help channel fluids away from the house and your feet. These are available in every size, including a full garage floor size, and can be custom fit easily with a sharp blade. Give your garage a whole new look by covering the entire floor with a ribbed mat. We also have smaller, doormat size HDPE mats for small gardening and home improvement jobs.
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