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Earthquake Safety

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Pet Evacuation Kit - For Cats
Pet Evacuation Kit - For Cats
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Earthquake Safety, Earthquake Emergency, Earthquake Kits, Earthquake Safety Straps and more!

Earthquake Safety is top priority! Be prepared for anything with our great selection of earthquake safety products. Each is designed to help you and your family out in an emergency. And our selection includes everything for humans and animals as well! Show your favorite pets that you care by being prepared with a pet evacuation kit, which includes everything you need to keep your pet alive and happy in case of an emergency! Earthquakes can cause a lot of damage, and you will be so much happier knowing that you are ready for anything, anytime, anywhere!

Earthquake Straps

Even moderate earthquakes can cause damage to your home, by knocking over furniture and appliances. Get prepared now with our collection of earthquake safety straps, each designed with a specific item in mind. Furniture straps keep tall, tippy items like bookcases and dressers secured to the walls. Appliance straps can be used to secure heavy, tall appliances like refrigerators and more in place, keeping you and your home safe and sound. For televisions, TV straps are a must, especially in homes where children live. And for smaller items, including collectibles and breakables, earthquake putty can secure these items to almost any surface.


For the next step in earthquake preparedness, a power generator is a great choice. These handy machines use gasoline to create power, perfect for running anything from refrigerators to lights and more. Many people find that generators are also a benefit to have for recreational use, for example camping and outdoor fun! Check out our great selection of generators here to find the one that’s right for your needs!

Emergency Radios and Flashlights

Stay informed even when the power goes out with an emergency radio. We have models that run on batteries, or even by use of a hand crank, so you will never run out of radio power when you need to be connected to the world most!

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