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Home Safes, Wall Safes, Office Safes and more Home Security!

Keep your valuables protected in a Home Office Safe. It's easier than you think to protect your most valuable documents, money, jewelry and more! Home safes are very affordable and come in a variety of styles to suit your security needs, and, most importantly, they are always worth the investment. Some important documents that should never be left to the hands of thieves include passports, birth certificates, and bank account information. These are all great things to put in a safe and there are many more. Valuable jewelry should be kept in a safe, as should a stash of cash for emergencies. Check out our selection and tips below on what type of safe to purchase and how to use it!

Fire Proof Safes

Everyone, at some point asks themselves the following question: If there were a fire, what would I take with me as I run out of the house? With a fire proof safe, you can safely protect important documents and money, and leave your hands free to exit the home safely, or grab something else on your way out! A hanging file safe is a great way to keep documents easy and organized within a locking safe. In addition to fire proof safes, we also have water proof safes, great if you live in flood prone areas. Technology has improved the way safes lock greatly - choose from keys, digital codes and even thumb print identification locks!

Wall Safes

If you have the wall space, a wall safe can be one of the most secure types, since thieves will find it hard to run off with the whole thing in their arms. Another great thing about wall safes is that they can be hidden easily behind a large painting or framed photo, adding another level of security to your home! Electronic gun safes keep guns and weapons out of the hands of intruders and children, a must have in any home with guns!
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