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Portable Garage, Modular Garage, Portable Garages, Modular Garages, Outdoor Canopies, Pop Up Shades and more!

Portable garage? If you need one, we have them! For year round protection from the elements, check out our selection of Modular Garages and Outdoor Canopies. Whether your home didn't come with a garage, your garage is full to the brim with storage, or you simply have extra vehicles and boats that need protection from sun, rain and snow, a modular garage or canopy is a great choice for your home. Check out our selection to start your extra garage storage space today!

Modular Garages

Modular garages are large tarps that come in a variety of sizes, materials, features and prices. As opposed to canopies, these modular garages have at least the sides covered, great for minimizing wind damage. Large domes are a great choice for large vehicles and boats, they keep rain, snow and sun out of your cars and boats. Choose from models that have full closures in the front and the back, or more basic models that have just the side covers. If you are going to park a car there everyday, you may want to skip the front and back closures. If, however you are storing a valuable vehicle or boat for a long time, it may be worth the investment to have a full enclosure, just like a garage would offer.

Outdoor Canopies

Outdoor canopies provide shade and some relief from weather for cars and boats. They are typically less expensive, less obtrusive and smaller than modular garages. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors and features including easy pop up canopies and more. This can be a great solution for working on antique cars, convertibles and other purposes. Using a canopy or modular garage has many benefits - it allows you to use your garage for other things, including storage, it allows you to safely store a boat or vehicle, and it provides shade and shelter from the elements while working on a vehicle, and it is much less expensive than a costly remodel of your existing garage.