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Home Security, Home Security Alarm, System Home Security, Alarms and Security Lights!

Home security is important! To keep your home safe, whether you are there or not, check out our great selection of unique, hard to find Home Security tools and device. For every entrance to your home, we have a solution to keeping burglars and intruders out. From the front door to the back door, windows and garage doors, we have brought all the best home safety and security devices to keep you safe in your own home! Deterring intruders can be as simple as tricking them. An inexpensive realistic security camera replica makes them think that video surveillance is going on, enough to keep them away.

Specialty Door Locks and Door Guards

Keeping your doors locked and closed is one of the first lines of defense against burglars. But, savvy thieves have become experts at picking locks and worse. A Bio Matic fingerprint door lock only opens for you and your family, otherwise a very tough deadbolt will not let unwanted visitors in. This also comes in handy when you lock yourself out of the house or lose your keys. Other options include the door guard with alarm, which is great for keeping the front door safe at home or when traveling.

Alarms and Motion Sensor Security Lights

A home alarm system can be costly, but well worth the price. We have some more affordable options that work wonders at scaring off burglars. An inexpensive window alarm is a great investment, as soon as a window is opened, a 105 decibel alarm goes off alerting you to the presence of intruders. Home security lights are very helpful deterrents, and we have a great selection of these, including a solar security light to keep energy costs down while protecting your home and loved ones. Water detectors are a great help year round, alerting you to out of control faucets and water pipe breaks.
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