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Plastic Storage Boxes, Iris Boxes, Sterilite, Garage Storage Boxes

For over 20 years, we have been stacking Plastic Storage Boxes as high as we can! Check out our selection of plastic boxes, in an array of sizes and colors. Plastic boxes are the ideal storage solution for almost any room of the home. In the office, a plastic box can hold office supplies or electronics that you seldom use. In the kids room, toys find a home in any one of these boxes - the clear plastic models are great so kids can see what is inside without opening! We have a great selection of boxes from storage experts including Iris, Sterilite and many more!

Closet Storage

A favorite use of these versatile boxes is for clothes storage in the closet! Use a clear lidded box to hold sweaters during the summer, keeping moths out and away from winter wool fabrics. In the winter, all of your swim gear, visors and beach towels can be stored safely. If you have a tendency to collect purses, you may want to use a box instead of hanging them on the wall. TIP: Limit yourself to one storage box for purses, shoes and accessories - if you max out the box, you can't buy anymore without throwing something out first.

Garage Storage

The number one use of plastic boxes is definitely for garage storage. These plastic boxes are stackable, and there is almost no limit to the types of things you can put in them. Keep a small one in the car with emergency supplies. Store the kids outgrown clothes in them, ready for the next kid.

Outside Storage Boxes

While not completely airtight, most of these plastic boxes have tight fitting lids, so they can go a long way in keeping pests and insects away. Great for outdoor storage, also keeping moisture out. A plastic box by the backdoor encourages muddy shoes to stay outside, off of your carpets!
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