Overhead Garage Storage


Overhead Garage Storage, Overhead Storage Systems & Pulley Hoists!

Overhead Garage Storage! One of the best ways to maximize storage in the garage is with an Overhead Storage System. The ceiling is often overlooked as a great storage space, and it is especially useful in the garage, where visual appeal is usually not an issue. The ceiling is a great place to store things that you don't use on a regular basis. For example, seasonal items. Holiday decorations can be stored in a garage ceiling system, so you can use them in the winter, and not have to trip over them the rest of the year. If you enjoy camping in the summer, this is another great idea for what to store on your garage ceiling. If you have power tools, like chain saws, that you don't use more than once a year, this is a great place to put them, keeping them out of the hands of curious kids! These ceiling shelves are a great alternative to wall mounted racks when you've already used up all the wall space! And to really maximize garage storage, we have a wide variety of materials and sizes in our garage shelving store.

Ceiling Storage Units & Shelving

A shelf on the ceiling? Yes, this is possible, and very common in well organized garages across the country. They are surprisingly easy to use, and, when you really think about it, stacks of boxes and drawers are not much easier to get to than the ceiling. The benefit of a shelf on the ceiling is that it allows you to throw whatever you want up there, from boxes to tools, bicycles and more. Choose from basic wire shelves with extra weight capacity to adjustable, telescoping models where you choose the storage amount. A shelf with pulley hoist allows you to lower the ceiling shelf, load it, and then raise it again, no heavy lifting over your head!

Hoist & Pulley Racks

To make garage ceiling storage easy and appealing, a pulley and hoist system can't be beat! These machines do the lifting for you, saving your back from injuries. From bicycle hoists that easily lift your bike to the ceiling to full size storage shelves that lift on their own, we've got a great selection of garage ceiling storage systems for your home!
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