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Garage Accessories, Garage Door Accessories, Garage Door Sensors and more!

Garage Accessories! For your Garage, we have a variety of tools and Garage Accessories to make your garage run more efficiently, safely and smoothly. From safety aides that help you park to special LED lights that help you see in the dark, we've got something for everyone! A mesh garage screen door allows you to enjoy the summer in your garage without the bugs, while a large aluminum garbage can ring mounts right to the wall and holds a heavy duty garbage bag, so there's no more excuse for litter on the garage floor! Check out our selection of unique garage accessories, helpers and aides to get started on a better functioning garage today!

Parking Guides

Parking the car in the garage is great for the car, but it can be tricky to park the car without bumping into walls, tools and other items, or blocking the door that leads into the house. Worse yet, if two cars can park in the garage, dings on the doors and scratched paint can be a problem. A simple parking guide can help you park your car in its designated spot, each and every time! Choose from parking guides that you drive over, so your tires know exactly where to stop, or a wall mounted parking sensor guide, which lets you know when to pull forward and when to stop!

Garage Door Accessories

The garage door can be a major source of air leaks in a home, making energy costs soar whether it is summer or winter. A garage door threshold seal eliminates this waste by making a more snug seal underneath the bottom of the garage door, so you know that your heat is not escaping all day in the winter, and the cool air conditioned air in the summer! Other accessories include automatic garage door closers, in case you forget to do so when you go to work in the morning!
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