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Home Decor, Decorative Home Furnishings, Lighting, Media Storage & more!

Update your Home Decor in every room with the very best and affordable pieces! Framed art and metal wall art instantly revive the feel of your living room, while elegant shelving defines the space. Home Lighting is one of the most important design elements - choose from over 500 lamps, including floor lamps, halogen torchieres and chrome table lighting. Browse the newest creations to keep your house looking fresh and up to date!

Media Storage

We are constantly adding innovative Multi Media Storage options to our site, bringing you a selection that is unmatched! You'll find CD racks, DVD racks, cabinets and units that can hold all types of media - great for growing families and media collectors alike.

Home Furnishings

Want a new look on a low budget? Our Home Decorations selection has got you covered, with over 100 Magazine Racks to choose from and much more! To define a space or add privacy, check out our selection of Room Dividers, available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, from animal prints to simple shoji screens. On the walls, a new style can be as simple as adding a contemporary mirrored clock or an antique one!

Home Appliances

And don't forget your comfort - we have over 150 small appliances, including air conditioners, Heaters, and even robotic vacuums - always at the best prices.