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Heaters, Electric Heater, Space Heater and more!

For the best, tried and true Heaters, look no further! Our home appliance section includes air conditioners, dehumidifiers and more comfort appliances from experts including Soleus, Sunpentown and many more. Space heaters are a very cost efficient form of home heating for certain households. First, in large houses, space heaters allow you to bring the heat with you to whatever room you are working, eating or sleeping in, so that you are only heating the room you are using, not the whole house! At night, the space heater can go to bed with you, so that you don't waste energy and money heating a house that nobody is using! Our heaters are safe, and range from very basic, inexpensive models to multi purpose heaters with other appliances included, for year round comfort!

Space Heaters

The seabreeze wall heater is a great space saving energy appliance, providing heat to rooms, without wasting excess energy and money. Because it mounts to the wall, there are no cords to trip over, no heater to knock over. For a more portable option, a small freestanding space heater is the way to go. Choose from oscillating reflective halogen heaters, they look like fans but actually radiate tons of heat, perfect for work areas. A flat panel micathermic heater looks great, works great and takes up very little space in any room.

Multi Purpose Heaters and Comfort Appliances

To get year round comfort, choose a multi purpose heater with additional comfort appliances built in. Many of our heaters can also be used as fans in the summer, then back to heat in the winter. The tower heater fans are very popular, because of their sleek design. We have Soleus multi functional heaters with cooling units built in, so you don't have to swap appliances when the seasons change! A humidifier is another option, great for winter cold and flu season.