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Steam Cleaners are becoming more and more popular because they provide a safe and highly effective way of cleaning, without the use of chemicals! Many people are concerned about the effects of chemical cleaners and detergents on both the environment and our bodies, so they are turning to steam cleaners for help. A steam cleaner uses hot steam to effectively clean almost any surface. The steam does two things. First, because it is boiling, it can disinfect surfaces, perfect for cleaning the toilet, kitchen sink and more! The other benefit of a steam cleaner is that it has steam coming out so forcefully that it can push grime and grease around and off the surfaces, so you can save yourself the scrubbing and rubbing. These handy appliances are also very helpful in hard to reach places. For example, to clean tile grout and the shower door track, which are notorious for collecting mildew, dirt and germs, simply allow the steam cleaner to clean and disinfect the area for you! House cleaning has never been easier or more fun!

Upright and Canister Steam Cleaners

For heavy jobs and frequent use, upright steamers and canister style steam cleaners are a great choice. These handy machines roll along with you just like a vacuum, except, unlike a vacuum which sucks dirt and debris from the floor, the steam cleaner cleans and disinfects whatever is in its path. Choose from appliances from experts including Reliable, Jiffy and more. A steam cleaning floor mop makes everyone's least favorite chore, mopping, a cinch.

Handheld Steamers

To get into hard to reach areas, such as the bathroom, a handheld steamer from McCulloch may be the best option! These handy steamers are easy to hold and maneuver, and don't have the bulk of other models to carry around with you. This perfect for bathrooms, the corners of the kitchen, window tracks and some outside jobs!