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Braided Rugs, Area Rugs, Wool & Sheepskin Rugs

Update your look with ease and affordability with a new Area Rug. Often, the potential of the floor is overlooked when decorating the home. A nice area rug serves many functions. First, it provides a comfortable place for bare feet when placed over hardwoods and tiles. Second, it can protect carpets in high-traffic areas, and lastly, it serves as a beautiful design element, drawing the eyes down and really defining your space. We have over 100 area rugs to choose from, with everything from sheepskin rugs to braided rugs for the entryway. Synthetic and cotton area rugs are low-maintenance, easy to clean and vacuum and inexpensive.

New Arrivals

We strive to bring you the newest and best in home furnishings, with new items being added to our site almost daily! Check out what's new in area rug designs, such as the beautiful and eco-friendly bamboo rugs, great for the entryway, bathroom or kitchen. The newest technologies allow for bamboo to feel just like soft fabric and cloth, yet bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable material. For a more classic choice, a large sheepskin rug is a beautiful and luxurious alternative. Check back with us frequently to see what's new in our area rugs store!

Braided Rugs

Braided rugs are a popular choice in every home. They are very durable and the braiding allows for beautiful colors and design choices. For entryways and kitchens, choose a small 4 foot rug. If you are looking for something to go under the dining room table or in the living room, we have sizes up to 12 feet long, and many more in between!

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs offer the most varying designs, as they start out almost like a blank canvas! For a modern look, try a retro look with architect accents in muted colors. Traditional southwestern style rugs offer vibrant colors, or, if you want to make more of a statement, check out our more contemporary styles with geometric themes. Whatever look you are going for, we have an instant companion for your decor!
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