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Crafts and Sewing

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Sewing Machines, Scrapbook Organizers, Craft Storage & more!

Crafts including Scrapbooking, Sewing and more are becoming increasingly popular with every age group, from kids to teens to adults! Check out our Crafts and Sewing store for great organizing tools and tips. You will find hobby and crafts sets, easels, and even special crafts tables. Decorating organizers give you a place to keep all of your home improvement projects sorted, while sewing tables have built-in storage drawers for crafts and fabrics. Whatever type of crafts are your favorite, you are sure to find an organizer or tool that's right for you!

Craft Storage

Our craft storage selection features the best organizers and tools that are either designed specifically for crafts, or maybe even for something else but which we know works well to keep your hobbies organized! Plastic divided boxes are perfect for beading, embroidery work, thread and more crafts - and a must have for families with kids. Drawer systems range in size from tabletop drawers to full size units, and can be used for everything from small art tools to large bottles of paint. Tip:Clear plastic and acrylic organizers let you see what is inside the box without having to open it, a much needed time saver!

Scrapbook Organizers

Have you caught the Scrapbooking bug? Our scrapbook organizers are specially designed for this sweep the nation hobby. Because scrapbooks are large and square in shape, it used to be hard to find the proper cases and organizers that would fit the special papers that are used. This is no longer a problem, with plastic boxes, plastic drawers and more organizers that use the 12 x 12 format to hold your scrapbook paper and accessories without bending them!

Sewing Machines

We have sewing machines, hemmers and even professional grade sewing machines from your favorite sewing experts, including Reliable and Singer. Check out our selection to find something for everyone, from budding fashion designers to veteran seamstresses!
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