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We've assembled only the best Sewing Machines at the best prices for home use. With many different models to choose from, our selection includes a wide variety of styles, functions and prices. For the aspiring fashion designer, an inexpensive starter machine is a great choice. And, for the seasoned pro, a professional sewing machine with extension table is a must have, keeping their sewing time at an efficient level! We also have specialty machines, including Overlock Sewing Machines, Blind Hemmers and more from Sewing experts including Singer, Reliable, Rex USA and many more! Some other features on our selection of machines include fully electronic sewing machines, 65 stitch capabilities, portable walking foot and zigzag and much more! Check out our selection to start or continue your sewing hobbies at home today! With so many options, you are sure to find the right sewing machine to match your needs and abilities.

Sewing Machine Accessories

To make any hobby successful and fun, the right accessories are a must! With sewing, one of the most important things is to stay organized, so that you don't lose threads, material scraps and sewing machine parts. We have great crafts and sewing tables that can help you get your sewing supplies organized with built in drawers. These tables also feature folding surfaces, allowing you to maximize work surface when you need it, and then minimize the size of the furniture when you are done. It is nice to have a designated table or desk just for your sewing projects, to ensure that you aren't tempted to ignore your mending chores! To keep threads and sewing machine parts organized, a divided plastic case is a great choice! Other sewing machine accessories at Stacks & Stacks include universal sewing machine cases by Singer and much more to protect your favorite sewing machine at home and on the road!
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