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Home Decorations, Frames, Photo Albums, Room Dividers, Window Coverings & more Home Decor

Find affordable Home Decorations for every room in your house, from the living room to the bedroom, and everywhere in between! Decorative pillows are an inexpensive way to spice up your style in every room. Frames for the wall and photo albums for the coffee table are a must have to show off your most memorable moments. Small furnishings, including magazine racks and ladder shelves add both style and function to your home decor, while window coverings provide privacy and tie an entire look together effortlessly.

Room Dividers & Floor Screens

ROOM DIVIDERS serve multiple functions in the home and office. Their first function is privacy. They are a great way to create a small dressing area in the bedroom, or in front of the bathtub in a master bed bath combo. Use a floor screen to section off part of your living room as an office - great for small houses and apartments. Room dividers are also a design element, offering a very elegant focal point to your home. Choose from cherry, espresso, black and natural woods with rice paper or fabric screens. For a more modern look, a wrought iron or gray metal screen is a great option!


Candlelight is a beautiful yet often forgotten lighting element. Our candleholders selection includes everything from traditional iron tea light holders to more contemporary stainless steel modern art-like candle holders. A 3 piece lantern set is beautiful year-round indoors or out, in the bedroom or on the dining room table!

Indoor Fountains

An indoor fountain goes beyond home decor, also providing a rich ambience that can change your mood from stress to calm in an instant! At the office, a fountain on the desk can relax you just enough so that you can breeze through your work with ease. At home in the dining room, living room or bedroom, a strategically placed fountain can sooth your nerves after a hard day's work.
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