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Fireplace, Gel Fuel & Electric Fireplaces, Log Racks & Accessories

Find the Fireplaces and accessories to keep your home cozy year-round! We have a great selection of freestanding fireplaces in all styles, from stainless steel to wood veneers! Already have a wood stove or traditional fireplace? Check out our fireplace tools - we have traditional wrought iron pieces and also more modern, updated styles, including stainless steel and glass tool sets, and even elegant brass fireplace tools. We have beautiful fireplace screens and covers too, with elegant glass and decorative painted fans to cover your fire when it's not in use!

Vent Free Fireplaces

Our selection of vent-free fireplaces offers all the benefits of wood fireplaces, without excessive heat and smoke - great for year-round ambience. A freestanding fireplace creates a beautiful focal point in your living room instantly, our collection includes everything from elegant maple to country white and even stainless steel! Choose from gel fuel fireplaces or electric fireplaces to transform your room without costly remodeling projects! Shopping for home decor has never been easier!

Log Racks

Our selection of log racks has something for everyone! We have modern stainless steel firewood racks, beautiful wrought iron models, and decorative racks with forest animal themes. Keep a decorative log rack next to the fireplace so that you don't have to go outside in the cold to fetch firewood.

Fireplace Accessories

Our fireplace accessories store has everything you need for your new or old fireplace. We sell gel fuel by the case for your vent-free fireplace, and don't forget a faux log - it will give you the most authentic look! Warm ash vacuums are essential a must-have for your wood stove, they allow you to vacuum the ashes before they are totally cooled (never use on hot ashes, though). Beautiful tea-light logs give the ambience of a real fire, but are much easier to maintain!
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