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Electric fireplace, electric fireplaces, electric wall fireplace!

Add warmth and ambience to every room of the home with an Electric Fireplace. These fireplaces couldn't be easier to use, no wood burning, smoke or ashes to deal with. Ventless fireplaces allow you to have the soft lighting that traditional wood burning fireplaces do, but with less hassle. Perfect for instant fire in the winter, summer and beyond. Use these fireplaces in the bedroom, living room, office, dining room or large master bathrooms to create a soft, soothing oasis, a place to relax after a long hard day's work. We have a large selection of over 50 electric fireplaces to choose from. gel fuel fireplaces are a great alternative to electric, they burn cans of gel fuel for a fire like effect. Don't forget to check out our fireplace accessories, designed for wood burning, gel and electric fireplaces.

Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

For the ease of use, these fireplaces are freestanding. They can be mounted anywhere, in any room, as long as there is a proper electrical outlet. The most popular styles are wood and veneer covered pressed wood models. Choose from dark woods, including cherry and oaks, and lightened up versions including white and maple. Many of our fireplaces come with built in storage. One example, is shelving - these fireplaces have built in bookcases on either side, great for books, CDs, movies and collectibles. A fireplace with a large mirror mounted over it is another great option, this creates a beautiful, classic focal point in any large room. We also feature a TV stand with electric fireplace underneath it, the ultimate in relaxation at home!

Wall Mounted Fireplaces

For an alternative to freestanding fireplaces, look through our selection to find wall mounted fireplaces. This is a great choice in large bathrooms, and also any place where floor space is hard to come by. Set a small bookcase or cube system underneath a wall mount electric fireplace for extra storage and ambience.