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Fireplace Accessories, Fireplace Logs, Gel Fuel, and more!

Whether you have a wood stove, Electric Fireplace or Gel Fuel Fireplace, we've got a great selection of fireplace accessories to keep your home cozy and warm! For the real fireplace, we have great fireplace tools and more, like an elegant hardwood fireplace tool cabinet, perfect for displaying and keeping fire pokers handy! If you have a ventless fireplace, a nice ceramic log is always a great idea, we have very real looking faux logs for electric and gel fuel fireplaces and more. Check out our great selection of fireplace accessories for your home, without ever leaving it!

Gel Fuel and Ventless Fireplace Accessories

Gel Fuel fireplaces are very popular because they don't require any wood, burn cleaner and still provide a subtle warmth and a lot of ambience that traditional wood burning fireplaces offer. We sell great accessories for the gel fuel fireplace, including gel fuel itself! Choose from different brand names of gel fuel sold in cases to give you the best deal and ensure that you don't run out too soon. Real flame gel fuel looks just like a wooden fire, but with less smoke and hassle. Sunjel also has a great alcohol gel fuel which is clean burning, much more environmentally friendly than burning an ancient oak! Other accessories include fake logs that look just like real ones and more. A tealight holder that looks like a log is a beautiful way to accent your fireplace without actually lighting a fire.

Warm Ash Vacuums

To safely clean warm ashes from your last fire, a warm ash vacuum is a very handy tool! These vacuums can vacuum ashes that are still warm (NOT HOT), and then you can dispose of them as they cool down. No more messy soot being tracked throughout the home by little hands and paws!
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