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Folding Tables

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Folding Tables, Tables Folding, Card Table and more!

A folding table is something that every home should have! Why? Because it is one of the most space efficient types of furniture available, and can be used in a variety of situations. They are also very affordable and sturdy, so they will last for years to come, a great investment! At work, a folding conference table can be set up right before a meeting, and then tucked away easily at the side of the room when youíre finished. A folding banquet table comes in handy in many situations, from soccer games to last minute entertaining. And, at the very least, a card table, which folds down to almost nothing, is great for family game night and poker night with friends! The possibilities are endless when browsing our Folding Tables and Trays selection!

Folding Banquet and Conference Tables

Keep a folding banquet table on hand for many different reasons. If you have kids, a folding table can be used at bake sales and fundraisers, soccer game snack stands, and extra seating at birthday parties. During the holidays, a large folding table can be set up to hold extra place settings, simply cover it with a matching table cloth to your dining table and have a great time! Donít forget folding chairs, which can give you extra seating in a pinch. At work, a folding conference table means that you donít have to designate a whole room for meetings. Just set the table up when you need it and take it down when you are done!

Card Tables

Card tables have been around forever, and were originally used for playing Bridge and other card games. Now they find even more uses around the home, with planned family game time, poker night with friends and more! When you are entertaining, a folding card table can be used as a drinks or appetizer station. We have inexpensive folding metal tables and updated, beautiful Maple Wood Card Tables.

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