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Folding Tables and Chairs

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Folding Tables and Folding Chairs, TV Trays, Lap Desks & Card Tables

Browse our selection of Folding Tables and Folding Chairs to find the some of the best space saving furniture on the web! Keep a set of TV Trays on hand for cozy dinners in the living room, or for setting up an instant buffet when friends come to visit! We have a wide variety of TV trays, from traditional natural woods to beautiful dark woods and even painted styles.

Lap Desks

Lap desks can be used for just about any activity that you need to do while sitting down. A modern take on the “breakfast tray” concept, lap desks are designed to hold your laptop computer at a comfortable height for working in bed, on the couch or your favorite chair. They are great for anyone with a small home, or for working in comfort when you are under the weather. Some extra benefits are included with some lap desks including storage trays, padded bottoms, extra room for writing space and even cup holders - check each individual model to see what it has to offer. With a lap desk, there is no excuse to slack off from work!

Folding Chairs

A set of folding chairs is a must-have in every home! Our selection includes over 50 styles. For a traditional look, we have basic metal folding chairs, either padded or not - these are great because they can be kept safely in the garage without worry. For extra seating at dinner parties and holidays, you may want something a little more fancy - check out our selection of folding dining chairs, they look exactly like semi-formal dining chairs but fold instantly just like the old metal kind! Wooden slatted folding chairs are great for garden parties and dining outside in the summer. Whatever your style is, we've got a folding chair set that is right for you!

Folding Tables

Folding tables are nothing new, but they are more stylish, compact, and easier to use than ever! From basic folding banquet tables to elegant, hardwood card tables, we've got something for everyone!


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